Mail Call for 1/15

January 17, 2002

Mail Call for 1/15

"I keep hearing on TV about the human rights people worried about the prisoners in Cuba and if they are being treated right. What about our people in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on Flight 93, were they treated right? You would let the terrorists take the whole world over. If you don't like the way they are treated, tough! This country has a right to treat them any way we want to. They started all of this, not us."

- Sharpsburg

"I read in the Daily Mail where they wanted a new hospital, which may be good or may not be good. The hospital, which may be a good thing, but as far as destroying the old hospital, it belongs to the citizens of Washington County. In the early '60s, when Herman Hooks was on the hospital board, many companies in Washington County gave a full day labor to add to the hospital. So that building belongs to the residents of Washington County. No president or CEO should make that decision to demolish that building. It should be voted on by the people who paid for that building."


"I lost a man's wedding band on Saturday, Jan. 12, at either AC & T Service Station on Burhans Boulevard in Hagerstown or at Hardee's Restaurant in Greencastle, Pa. It has the date 12/2/90 inscribed on the inside of it. If found, call 301-733-1527. A reward is offered."

"To obtain the certified Firearms Training Course, required by the state of Maryland to restore your right to legally purchase a handgun in Maryland, call the Hagerstown Police Athletic League at 301-739-8577, ext. 471. The video is shown every Friday evening at 6 p.m. in the HPAL building in Fairgrounds Park. Please use the Cannon Avenue entrance. Look for the first building on the right."

"I see Sharpsburg is in the news again. The Town Council is so amusing. A bunch of politicians who are too afraid to state an opinion. What are you hiding? Keep it up, we all out here need a good laugh every now and then."

"For many years, females have chosen to produce children out of wedlock and they probably always will. Publicizing the child's illegitimacy in the newspaper is just another burden the child will be forced to carry."

"To the lady who was concerned about her cracked hands. Just use plain old Vaseline, saturate them and then sleep in a pair of cotton gloves at night. If you saturate them for a few nights, you find that you will have skin as smooth as a baby's bottom."

"I would like to know if an employer can work you nine hours a day, seven days a week and still pay you minimum wages? Not counting any overtime. Let me know in Mail Call."

"I was reading Friday's Mail Call, there were 17 responses and nine of them had to with this lady and her daughter with dry skin. Why does Mail Call have to put nine responses in for the same thing? Why can't you just put in two or three, why nine? Two or three would have been just fine."

"I think a good spot for a new hospital would be on Dual Highway, right where the Municipal Golf Course is right now. To those of you who want to play golf, there is plenty of room at Black Rock. I think that golf course would be the best place to build the hospital."

"Since D & K moved from downtown Hagerstown, I think a Dollar Tree would be great for the downtown area, with all the seniors around the downtown area and all the lower-income people who live around the square, this would be the best place for a Dollar Tree."

"I don't think the newspaper needs to apologize for the story they wrote about Elwood Grimm. He was no angel and he never professed to be one. He lived his life the way he wanted to and I think that is the way it should be reported. If you hadn't reported it like it was, people might not have known who you were talking about."

"I want to say that the county, state roads and the city trucks did a marvelous job with the snow day that we had the other day. As far as Mr. Grimm goes, when he was in that trouble, it was already in the newspaper. Why worry about it now? Why don't people let it be? The man is not here to defend himself, so why not let him be in peace? If you were any kind of decent people around here, you would be that way. If you do something wrong, you wouldn't want people to talk about you after you were gone, would you? Just let him alone, please."

"To the lady on Mt. Lena Road who has lots of flowers and is going to call the police if she catches the dogs urinating on her flowers. My goodness, can you get real? That is not against the law. Dogs have to go to the bathroom, so why not? They are not going to hurt anything."

"I haven't heard anything about them spraying the trees with the grape extract. I noticed down around The Herald-Mail and downtown, they are cutting the trees down. Did the spray work, or did it just cost the taxpayers a bunch of money?"

"I want to thank the snow angels that cleaned off the driveway in the 17000 block of West Oak Ridge. I don't know who it was, but I really appreciate it."

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