Jan 16 blast from the past

January 16, 2002

Blast from the past 1/16

Week of Jan. 13, 1952

Raising and selling rabbits has long been an interesting - and often profitable - hobby. But Nevin Frey, Hagerstown High School student, not only sells 'em, he rents 'em.

Nevin rents young hat-sized bunnies at 50 cents a performance to magicians, then sells them at full market price when they are full-grown.

A 10-million-dollar deluxe "housing project" at Fort Ritchie has been canceled on the grounds it largely would have been a weekend vacation resort for "Army brass," according to John G. Norris, a reporter for the Washington Post.

An estimated 17 million dollars already has been spent hollowing out nearby Rock Raven mountain, just beyond Cascade, to provide duplicate joint underground communication facilities for the worldwide radio and telephone central now maintained at the Pentagon, Fort Myer and other Army bases near the capital.


Two pairs of evening grosbeaks were seen yesterday by Mrs. Leroy T. Vernon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank W. Mish Jr., across the Potomac from Williamsport.

The rare, golden-breasted birds have made their appearance in this area for the first time in the memory of local ornithologists.

Week of Jan. 13, 1977

The American Lung Association of Hagerstown is offering several free services to county residents trying to quit smoking during the month of January.

During the recent holiday season, a total of 2,898 people were assisted by the Salvation Army - due to the generosity of area residents who donated $19,017.23 to the organization.

Incumbent Mayor Varner L. Paddock and Donald R. Frush met last night at a Republican Club open forum.

The two candidates are running in the Republican mayoral primary.

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