Fun is all that matters at Pinewood Derby

January 14, 2002

Fun is all that matters at Pinewood Derby


WILLIAMSPORT - Cub Scout Joshua Gross said he learned a "a very valuable lesson" after his "Fireball 3000" lost its first race Saturday during Pack 17's annual Pinewood Derby at Williamsport United Methodist Church.

"It doesn't matter about winning or losing," said Joshua, 7.

"It only matters to have fun."

Joshua and 27 other Scouts crafted swift racers from rectangular blocks of wood, four nails for axles and four plastic wheels.

The cars were weighed prior to the race to ensure each was no more than 5 ounces.

Two at a time, the boys raced their cars down a sloping wooden track at least twice. The winners of each race kept competing until they were eliminated.

The five fastest cars in this derby qualified for the Washington County Pinewood Derby on Feb. 23.

The Washington County District of the Mason-Dixon Council, Boy Scouts of America, holds the countywide derby for the top five finishers in each pack's individual race.


Kyle Marshall, 8, said racing his "Dragonfly" was among his favorite Cub Scout activities.

Evan Hardy, 8, spent about two hours with his father creating the "Awesome Eagle" racer he hoped would win the Pack's best design award, he said.

Pinewood Derby veteran Josh Gagnon, 9, said he modified his car's design to make it more aerodynamic for this year's race. Josh sanded the sides of his white "Stinger" with the hornet on the hood and put only one hump on the rear of the car in hopes of increasing its speed, he said.

Scott Wahler, 9, named his car after an uncle who passed away. The youngster said he enjoyed watching "Jeff's Wolf Spirit" roll down the track.

"I liked the most trying my hardest," Scott said.

Dozens of Cub Scouts, their siblings and parents watched the races while enjoying refreshments. Scout Leader Patti Marshall said many of the parents get as excited about the event as their children.

It was the first Pinewood Derby for Jeff and Laurie Boger, whose 6-year-old son, Zachary, is a Tiger Cub this year.

"He did really well and we're proud of him," Laurie Boger said.

Other parents were sure to have their hands full after the race.

Brothers Sam and Josh Socks raced their cars against each other on the track, and anticipated more competitive action when they got home.

"It's going to be World War III," said Sam, 8.

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