Nickelodeon gives kids slime of their lives

January 10, 2002

Nickelodeon gives kids slime of their lives


Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County got "slimed" Tuesday as the Nickelodeon "Slimetime" television tour stopped off in Hagerstown.

The "Slimetime" television producers had 20 area boys and girls take turns shooting baskets to see who had the best aim. Other youngsters watched from bleachers set up in the club gym.

Many of the children found themselves "slimed" - covered with the green goo for which the television show is named.

"It's cold and slimy and made me ready to go home and take a bath," said Evan Jones, 13, of Hagerstown.

Evan was made to stand in a child's playpool as green slime was dumped on this head by the host Jonah Travick. The slimy goo was a combination of apple sauce, vanilla pudding and green food coloring, Evan said.


"It turned my hair green," and he had to wash his hair several times before it returned to normal, Evan said.

Participants at the Boys and Girls Club on Pennsylvania Avenue were selected for the filming after taking part in a test.

Each student had to stand still and remain quiet for three minutes. Those who resembled statues were picked to participate, Evan said.

The "Slimetime" program airs daily from 4 to 6 p.m. The episode featuring the Hagerstown youngsters will air the week of Jan. 21.

The local Boys and Girls Club was selected as a site for the "Slimetime" tour after unit director Darnell Shaffer submitted applications filled out by the children, who listed their names, ages, schools and favorite activities.

"Many of the kids watch 'Slimetime' so it's nice for them to be a part of it," Shaffer said.

Filming the program was fun, said Mercedes Shaffer, 11. Despite it being her first time on television, she wasn't nervous, Mercedes said.

A big basketball fan, Evan said he was ready for the slimy competition, but participating in the production was a lot different than watching it on TV.

Even the host wasn't exactly what he expected.

"I was surprised. He (Travick) seems a lot taller and skinnier on TV," Jones said.

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