Letters to the Editor 1/7

January 09, 2002

Letters to the Editor 1/7

Darrell one of the good people

To the editor:

I was very saddened by John League's article in Sunday's paper about Darrell Kepler. I am so sorry that he is ill.

When my daughter, Sherri, was a junior in high school and an aspiring sportswriter, Darrell hired her as a stringer. For two years, she covered high school sports in the area, and Darrell was her boss, her mentor and her friend. I considered him a friend, too, as he was so caring of my daughter.

Our paths didn't cross often after those years, but sometimes we'd run into each other at Suns games or other activites, and it was always good to visit with him again. He's truly one of the good people of the world.


Darrell, Sherri and I will both keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We will pray for a complete and speedy recovery. God Bless!

Joann Fillingham

Don't be so quick to judge

To the editor:

I would like to respond to David Quick's letter to you that appeared in the Sunday edition of the paper dated Dec. 16.

In the first place the item in question is not a hat, it is a cap sometimes referred to as a lid, or a cover.

Usually two hands are used to place this cap on one's head, but on the day in question I had to don this cap with one hand as I was nursing a broken left shoulder. So by balancing the cap in the right hand upside down, I managed to get it open, bend over and quickly place it on my head.

Mr. Quick let me offer a little advice. Don't be so quick to sound off when you do not know the facts. Make a little harmless mistake before you pass on, because I read of a man who never made a mistake. He was crucified. He is known to us all, his name is Jesus Christ.

May God bless America.
J.L. Shackelford
Army Air Corps

Animals deserve a Sunday break

To the editor:

The following thoughts are directed at Speaker of the House Casper R. Taylor Jr., and those who favor Sunday Hunting in Maryland. It seems that we the people have a speaker who feels that Maryland is suffering a heavy financial loss simply because we do not allow the killing of our wildlife on Sundays.

Mr. Speaker, let's put this in a better perspective. Suppose it's Sunday and you and your family awaken and decide to enjoy the day. As the hours pass you're relaxing quietly and all of a sudden an individual appears with a gun. No amount of reasoning calms the situation.

The repeating bursts of gunfire cause total panic and all out chaos. You see your family running in all directions to escape. One runs in panic across the roadway only to be run down by a motor vehicle. Another falls to the ground after being struck by a round from the shooter's rifle.

After this the remainder of your family is left to hide trembling in the woods wondering if and when the next shot may take their lives as well. This is not a pleasant story nor would I wish this on anyone including those that God had Noah build an ark for. I for one am sick of hearing about an overpopulation of deer when the truth is we have an overpopulation of people who have brought with them an overabundance of development to the point that these animals no longer have the land they once had. So I ask you Mr. Taylor and those supporting your opinion, do you honestly believe that on the Judgment Day God will look down and say with you I am well pleased for you brought forth the slaughtering of my animals on Sundays.

Randy A. Breeden

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