Boonsboro briefs

January 08, 2002

Boonsboro briefs

Hawkins to make library presentation at meeting

BOONSBORO - Councilman Richard Hawkins is to attend today's meeting of the Washington County Board of Commissioners.

Hawkins will make a presentation at the meeting about the importance of town libraries.

Boonsboro mayor celebrates birthday

BOONSBORO - Mayor Charles F. "Skip" Kauffman Jr. celebrated his 52nd birthday Monday.

In honor of the occasion, Kauffman took a chocolate cake that a co-worker had made him to the Town Council meeting and it was eaten following the meeting.

Kauffman was presented with a birthday card at the meeting.

Town Council to meet with Commissioners

BOONSBORO- The Washington County Commissioners will meet with the Town Council Tuesday, March 5, at 7 p.m. to announce the size of the town's tax rebate.

Fourth-grade students may enter essay contest

BOONSBORO - Fourth-grade students in Boonsboro interested in entering the "If I were a mayor" essay contest can pick up entry packets at town hall.


Parking signs working, but more action needed

BOONSBORO - The two-hour parking signs installed last summer at the Kinsey Heights Development are working but more needs to be done to alleviate parking problems, according to Town Council members.

The Town will work with school officials to find additional parking for students so they don't have to park in the development.

Concrete marked near mayor's home

BOONSBORO - Mayor Charles F. "Skip" Kauffman and his wife Cindy recently were the target of a local prankster.

Someone carved "Skip + Cindy" in the drying concrete sidewalk near their home.

The couple said they weren't sure who did it but were amused.

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