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Kids use snow day for outdoor frolic

January 08, 2002

Kids use snow day for outdoor frolic


Instead of doing "boring stuff" Monday, 9-year-old McKenna Galvin was screaming down a snow-covered hill at Hagerstown City Park.


Eric Bowers, 10, of Hagerstown was hoping for more snow. Maybe school would be canceled again.

Although the weather may disappoint Eric - the only precipitation forecast for the next week is rain - at least area youngsters had Monday.

Sunday's storm dumped from two to eight inches of snow across the Tri-State area and closed schools throughout the region Monday.

The weather also made roads messy and a number of minor traffic accidents were reported Sunday.

On Monday, temperatures reached the mid- to upper-30s. If weather prognosticators are corrrect, the snow on the ground won't be around for long.


The forecast through Thursday calls for partly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the upper 30s and possibly reaching 45 degrees, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Dewey Walston.

Rain showers and high temperatures in the mid-40s are forecast for Friday, Walston said.

Sunday's heaviest snowfall was in western Washington County, where Hancock recorded eight inches of snow on the ground, according to Weather Service figures.

There was less snow further to the east. A little more than two inches of snow fell in Smithsburg Sunday.

Light snow showers passed through the area Monday, but didn't add significantly to the accumulation.

Hagerstown received four to five inches of snow as the storm passed through Sunday.

The snowfall attracted dozens of children to City Park, where the slopes were alive with inner tubes, long plastic sleds and bright-colored saucers.

On most other winter Mondays, Eric would have been "sitting in a chair all day." But on this Monday, he was cruising down a park hill.

"I like falling the best because when you fall you keep on going," he said between runs on a sled and new snowboard.

"I didn't think I was going to get to try it out," Eric said about the snowboard he got for Christmas.

Stephanie and Gracie O'Brien built snowmen between slides down the hill with McKenna.

The three girls lined up their sleds, and held onto ropes to keep them together as they went down what McKenna described as "the best hill."

"Usually we have to do boring stuff," McKenna said of how she spends most Mondays. "This is fun."

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