Wrestling notes - Holiday over for MVAL's best

January 04, 2002

Wrestling notes - Holiday over for MVAL's best

With the holiday tournaments out of the way, focus turns to the Monocacy Valley Athletic League race.

Saturday, Williamsport, No. 4 in The Herald-Mail Top 10, hosts Walkersville, No. 2, in what should be another MVAL barnburner.

Williamsport has one league loss - a three-point decision to North Hagerstown. Walkersville is unbeaten, including a 35-29 win over North.

Williamsport is coming off its victory in the Damascus Holiday, only the second tournament championship for the Wildcats aside from four Washington County titles. Walkersville, in the same tournament, was 10th.

"That doesn't matter," Walkersville coach Bryan Biehl said. "Tournament wrestling and dual meets are completely different."

Walkersville won the only two head-to-head matchups with Williamsport at Damascus.

"We'll go right at them," Biehl said. "I don't think it helps to weigh two in (at a weight) and then bump and run."


Williamsport coach Chuck Martin also likes to go right at 'em but he's shown he will move a wrestler when needed, like he did against North when junior Cory Kuczynski bumped from 119 pounds to 125.

"I think we have a few places where we should pin and I don't think they'll pin us," Martin, who picked up career dual meet win No. 100 last week against Francis Scott Key. "I think a key will be who gets those pins."

The match could go much like those North-Williamsport, North-Walkersville matches with pins being the difference.

"I could see this as a very low-scoring match," Biehl said. "They're another state championship-caliber team. It might come down to pressure and breakdowns rather than who gets the turn."

If Williamsport can defeat Walkersville, it would put the MVAL race into a three-way tie with North also gaining a share.

The junior varsity will wrestle first at 6 p.m. with the varsity following between 6:30-6:45.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> In the "My Bad" category, Dustin Baer's second-place finish at the FSK tournament last week for North was accidentally omitted.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Waynesboro finished eighth in the Conestoga Valley tournament. Nathan Geesaman (125) and Jeb Keller (275) took first, Brian Lisko (130) was fourth and Adam Rook (119) was fifth.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> James Buchanan finished 12th in the Delone Catholic tournament. Chad Whitmer (125) finished fifth, Erik Corl (189) was sixth and Tim Kent (160) was seventh.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Jefferson will host a two-day event beginning today at 5. Martinsburg, Hedgesville and Musselman are scheduled to attend. Last year, because of snow, the tourney turned into a one-day event that ended around midnight. Saturday's wrestling is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

Area Wrestling Records

Through Jan. 2

(Information may be submitted by coaches no later than 8 p.m. on Thursdays. Include wrestlers' record and weight class.)

103 - Chris Conner, Martinsburg 22-2; Mike McGill, Williamsport 11-1; Dan Drury, South 11-2; Matt Toddes, Mercersburg Academy 8-6.

112 - Kevin Ballam, Hedgesville 20-4; Robert Conner, Martinsburg 14-10; Brian Forsythe, Williamsport 11-2; Mike Wagner, North 11-2; Andrew Bryson, Boonson 8-4; Graham Zifferer, Mercersburg Academy 8-6.

119 - Josh Grim, Hedgesville 15-8; Chris Joliet, North 11-2; Ben Saylor, Middletown 11-4; Brandon Kolb, Martinsburg 11-9; Cory Kuczynski, Williamsport 10-1; Jake Stottlemyre, Boonsboro 5-5.

125 - Kenan Wright, Mercersburg 13-1; Devin Hewitt, Williamsport 8-3; Johnathan Breehl, North 5-4.

130 - Steve Fravel, North 11-1; Terry Jones, South 11-2; Mike Leveille, Walkersville 11-4; Mike Barbour, Martinsburg 10-6; Corey Leggett, Williamsport 9-2.

135 - Eric Kessler, Martinsburg 15-7; Brandon Ashby, South 13-0; Seth Greenberg, Mercersburg Academy 10-3; Ryan Bowers, Williamsport 9-4; Matt Raniali, North 9-6

140 - Justin Kessler, Martinsburg 23-1; Derrick Young, Hedgesville 15-8; Ben Wood, Boonsboro 7-5.

145 - Danny Lord, Hedgesville 24-1; Scott Greenwald, North 10-3; Ryan Reid, Mercersburg Academy 8-7; Travis Brown, Williamsport 6-3; Zach Stipanovic, Boonsboro 6-6.

152 - Troy Foltz, Hedgesville 17-6; Bill Barbour, Martinsburg 16-2; Ryan McQuillen, Middletown 15-1; Dustin McDonough, North 12-2; Ronnie Grill, Brunswick 9-4.

160 - Justin Bird, Martinsburg 17-7; Grant Taylor, Mercersburg Academy 13-2; Andrew Nicklas, Middletown 12-5; Chad Stocks, Brunswick 9-5; Kendall Stoner, North 8-5; Jimmy Wilson, Boonsboro 6-3.

171 - Colin Blair, Middletown 14-4; Nathan Mose, South 12-1; Matt Roach, Martinsburg 11-2; Chad Stocks, Brunswick 9-5; Ethan Lord, Williamsport 6-5; Devin Baer, North 5-2.

189 - Justin Capone, Mercersburg Academy 13-0; Phil Files, Hedgesville 12-9; Ben Berger, Middletown 10-5; Steve Feight, North 6-6.

215 - Chuck Files, Hedgesville 23-2.

275 - Nate Fochtman, Mercersburg Academy 15-0; Andrew Presnell, Middletown 11-5; Clayton Swisher, South 10-3; Ryan Bird, Martinsburg 10-7; Will Mulieri, North 8-4; Bill Shawley, Williamsport 5-5.

MSWA Rankings

Through Jan. 1, 2002

Tournament teams - 15. Williamsport.

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