Area residents hope for peace, happiness in the New Year

January 02, 2002

Area residents hope for peace, happiness in the New Year


Angela Dixon has one wish for the new year: A healthy baby.

Dixon, who is nine months pregnant, said she is hoping for a girl but her 3 1/2-year-old son Logan has other ideas.

"He wants a brother to play with," said Dixon, 29, of Hagerstown.

Dixon and others across the Tri-State area shared their hopes that 2002 would bring health, happiness and peace to their families.

Washington County Sheriff's Department Deputy Bill Malott said he would like the war on terrorism to end.

"I wish we could all get along," said Malott, 50.

Malott, of Hagerstown, said he supports President Bush and his efforts in Operation Enduring Freedom and believes the United States will catch Osma bin Laden.


"We'll get him eventually. It may take five years because he's well protected," Malott said.

Lisa Smith, 18, of Berkeley Springs, W.Va., said she hopes everything goes well in Afghanistan, where U.S. troops and other forces are waging a battle against terrorism.

"It's kind of scary," said Smith.

Cindy Robinson, 45, of Chambersburg, Pa., said she hopes 2002 will bring a much-needed vacation.

"I'd like a long trip to Florida to see my sister," she said.

"I'd like happiness for the new year. If you're happy, everything will be going quite well," said Randy Catlett, 54, of Hagerstown.

Susan Simington, 36, of Hagerstown, wished for God's blessings for the community. Simington said people should put God first in their hearts.

Even if the events of Sept. 11 had not happened "God should be on everybody's mind," she said. "It shouldn't take a disaster to bring belief in a higher power."

Bob Ericson said he wishes the new year would bring better health for his son.

"My son has cancer and is going through chemotherapy for the second time," Ericson, 66, of Chambersburg, said.

Kelly Adams, 38, of Chambersburg, said it was his wish the economy would improve in 2002.

"I hope more people get back to work, and we feel more secure," he said.

The economy was also HHalamar Coleman's mind.

"I hope the economy picks up. The jobless situation currently is atrocious," said Coleman, 47, of Hagerstown.

"I wish for a new garage and good health for my family," said Jennie Aines, 33, of Greene Township, Pa.

Larock Hudson, 42, of Chambersburg, said he hopes the new year will mean a healthy family and "peace and quiet" in the United States and the rest of the world.

Teresa Kline said she hopes to spend more time with her family, and she wants them to be in good health in the coming year.

"Sometimes, we take them for granted," said Kline, 40, of Inwood, W.Va.

Stopping terrorism was the first thing that came to mind for Mindy Mahoney, who was working at a store in the Martinsburg Mall Monday.

Beyond that, Mahoney, a teacher at Valley View Elementary School, said she would like to see smaller classes in public schools so students can get more one-on-one interaction from teachers.

- Staff writers Stacey Danzuso and Dave McMillion contributed to this story.

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