Mail Call for 12/27

December 28, 2001

Mail Call for 12/27

"If the Board of Education is locking horns now with the County Commissioners over budgetary matters, it will seem like nothing if the matter of redistricting becomes a real issue if dense housing is permitted to sprout like mushrooms in the fields along Leitersburg Pike. Now it's only a skirmish; then, it would be war."

"I feel that one of the reasons that the higher department stores are not doing well this Christmas season is the fact that they play these silly games. You go to buy a coat, they tell you, 'If you would have bought it yesterday, it was $125, if you buy it tomorrow, it will be $125, but if you buy it today, it is $150.' I don't think people have time for these silly games that these higher department stores are playing anymore."

"I want to wish my co-workers and customers at Williamsport AC&T a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From Chris and Kelly."


"I want to wish the people on Sharpsburg Pike a very Merry Christmas. They have Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and an elf in their front yard. Their house is beautifully decorated in red, white and blue. If you pull over they will give you a candy cane and they will give the children presents. This is what you call the true Christmas spirit. Christmas is about giving, not receiving. They don't know how happy they made my son Friday night."

"To the person who wanted to know how to boil eggs without having them crack open. It's simple. Put your eggs in a bowl of very warm water for about five minutes, then put them very carefully into the boiling water to which you have added a little bit of salt. Hope this works for you. It works for me."

"To the person who dropped off gifts for me and my daughter, her brother and sister. I don't know who you are, but I really appreciate the gifts. This proves that there are caring people out there. Thank you. I don't know who it was but in my mind, it was indeed Santa Claus."

"I am calling to see if any other readers of Mail Call would know where to get phone book covers? Call into Mail Call and let me know."

"I would like to thank Antietam Cable for the four new networks. That was a wonderful Christmas present."

"I have been reading all the complaints about the parking problems. Most people would agree that the street is public but, as a homeowner and a senior citizen, I get irate when we see the apartment houses with as many as eight cars and only room for two. This is what is causing the problems. I feel these apartment houses should be forced to have decent off-street parking."

"Beverly Healthcare of Hagers-town would like to thank all the angels who generously donated Christmas gifts to our residents this year."

"To the person who is complaining about the dogs on Chestnut Street. Why don't you just move? The dogs have been here and are probably going to be here longer than you have."

"I want to let everyone know that we did have snow on Christmas Eve. At 12:32 Christmas Eve afternoon, it was snowing on Interstate 81 between State Line and Maugans Avenue. Merry Christmas, everyone."

"For the lady who wanted to know on what block of Chestnut Street the dogs are barking. It is on the 900 block of Chestnut. I live on that block and I also hear the same, very loud dog. It wails like a screaming baby and can be heard for many blocks."

"To the person who wanted to know how to boil the eggs without them breaking. Don't overcrowd the pan, leave room in the pan for them to bounce around in the boiling water without hitting each other. After they boil, reduce the heat so they don't boil so hard, so the eggs won't hit against each other so hard."

"We would like to wish our customers a Happy New Year and thank each one for the Christmas gifts and cards. The Speakers."

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