Mail Call for 12/12

December 27, 2001

Mail Call for 12/12

"I will be getting an $18 a month increase in Social Security, my only source of income. My premium for health insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield shall be increasing $14 a month. Thank you Blue Cross/Blue Shield. At least I will have $4 more increase for other expenses, including medication, as my insurance does not include prescriptions. Why such a drastic increase? I see where the congressmen are receiving a $4,900 increase, bringing their salaries to $150,000, in spite of the fact that there are national expenses due to terrorist activities."

"About a tan and white, longhaired, declawed and neutered cat. He has a green collar on and his name is Sonny. He is four years old. He was lost in the Garden Spot area. The girls miss him so much. Call 301-791-7911 if you find this cat."

"Sunday editorial: Once again Tim Rowland is right on. Whether it's humor or a fact, he is a winner!"


- Hagerstown

"A big heartfelt thank you to PetSmart grooming for their outstanding efforts cleaning us up after a fire in our home. Becky Manspeaker and her staff worked late and PetSmart donated the grooming. Their care and concern was appreciated by all of us. Santa to us is PetSmart Grooming. From all the Zimmerman cats and dogs."

"I wanted to wish all the city light employees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and for doing a great, fantastic and outstanding job. Keep up the good work guys, Merry Christmas. God bless you all."

"From Furry Lip to Brian Lowman: Congratulations to you on your thumbs up on Nov. 17 for your 235 hours at the Pentagon. You have come a long way, Brian. From the old station to the new one, to the Air Guard and now the Airport Authority. Best of luck to you, K. R. and family. P.S. I am very proud to be affiliated with you in your early days in the fire service. Take care my friend."

"Isn't it amazing? On Sharpsburg Pike there are three gas stations located fairly close to each other. On Sunday, one of them put their gas prices at 99 cents a gallon. It's Monday and I looked up and I see that another one has lowered their prices by a dime a gallon, which is now 97 cents a gallon. It makes you wonder. Maybe if they keep on going, we will get it at a fair price, 50 cents a gallon."

"In response to the person who said that they have been away from Hagerstown for 18 years and they don't understand what's going on. A.) Where were you? B.) Yes, nobody has any patience, even if it's not Christmas shopping, nobody in any retail establishments has any patience. Nobody wants to wait on anything."

"I just read about someone wanting an oxygen tank and carrying case. People do not own the oxygen tanks, they are rented. There is a place called Equipped for Life right in Hagerstown. There is also a place called Robert's Oxygen. It's not something that is owned, it is rented. They pay on a monthly basis."

"I would like to thank the woman bus driver who put her red lights on just as I got to her on Death Curve and caused someone to hit me in the back end. Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas."

"I would like to know how The Herald-Mail got the pictures of the planes going into those tall buildings in New York? Nobody explained how they were so clear. Can someone explain how you got them and how they were so clear?"

"What a great holiday treat the Williamsport Park is. It's even more colorful than last year, especially the barn. Thanks Jeff, Less and the hardworking town crew."

"Whoever hit the mailbox on Mapleville Road, please return it."

"I went to see the orchestra at Western Heights Middle School on Dec. 10 and I saw three sad faces - one of them was my son, Mike. Their names were left out of the program. I want to tell those three kids, we were there for you and you were excellent."

"Can anyone tell me where I can get a phone book with 800 numbers? If you can, leave a number in Mail Call and I will get back with you."

"I attended the orchestra at Western Heights Monday night and it was very good. They didn't mind asking the parents for cookies to be brought in, but maybe someone should have asked the parents to volunteer to check over the program names. They left several children out who were very hurt and sad. So, please ask for a volunteer, one of us parents will do it. But let's not hurt the children anymore, they try very hard, you know, they are only in the sixth grade."

"To the bandit who stole my grandmother's purse during a purse snatching at Valley Mall Saturday evening. If you are so big and bad, why don't you try to come and take my wallet, big boy? I will be waiting for you. What a coward."

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