Local Marine's photo moves on AP wire

December 27, 2001

Local Marine's photo moves on AP wire

By RICHARD F. BELISLE / Staff Writer, Waynesboro

David Danfelt of Williamsport keeps his eyes glued to CNN television news hoping to see his son, Marine Cpl. Eugene Danfelt, who is on duty in Afghanistan.


"I'm not sure, but I think I caught a glimpse of him once," he said.

In one of those neat coincidences, Eugene Danfelt's photo came into The Herald-Mail newsroom Christmas night as a feature shot over the Associated Press wire. It showed him lifting a pile of Christmas packages that came into his unit in Kandahar.

Today marks the second time Eugene Danfelt's photo made The Morning Herald the day after Christmas, his father said.

"There was a photo of him in the paper last Christmas. He was in his dress blues. He was home on leave and volunteered to hand out toys to kids at Dinner at Nick's."


"He's only been in Afghanistan for about three weeks," the elder Danfelt said in a telephone interview.

"He's attached to the Third Battalion, Sixth Marines, India Company. He's assigned to the USS Bataan, a carrier attached to the Wasp Group in the Arabian Sea," David Danfelt said.

He said he last heard from his son by e-mail two weeks ago.

"He said we might not be hearing from him for a while."

David Danfelt lives at 137 W. Potomac St. Eugene Danfelt's mother lives in Sykesville, Md., Danfelt said.

The younger Danfelt graduated from Williamsport High School in 1997. He worked for a year at the same communications company at which his father works.

"He was a telephone installer," David Danfelt said. "Now, he's a field radio operator for India Company."

He left for basic training two years ago today, his father said.

Eugene Danfelt shipped out for his most recent assignment from Camp Lejeune, N.C. His father said he didn't know how long his son would be in Afghanistan.

"You have no clue," he said when asked if he was worried about his son being in a war zone.

He said his son loves to play baseball. He started in Little League when he was 9 and spent the next nine years playing until he turned 18 and outgrew youth league baseball. "He's a pitcher," his father said. "He also likes working out in the gym."

Danfelt said his son has many friends in and around Williamsport.

"People are walking up to me all the time and asking me how he is and where he is," he said.

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