Mail Call for 12/14

December 27, 2001

Mail Call for 12/14

"I was reading Wednesday's Mail Call and someone was responding to someone who had asked for an oxygen tank. They told them they could get it at Roberts Oxygen. Well, I am sorry to say, it's not an oxygen tank they were looking for, it was an atomizer. It's a machine that dispenses medication into the lungs. You put the medicine in the machine and you sit there and the medicine is turned into a fine mist that you breathe into your mouth. It's not an oxygen tank. I just wanted to clarify that because we still want the atomizer, not an oxygen tank. Oxygen tanks have to be filled all the time and you have to have a prescription for that. That's not what I need, but thanks for your concern."

"To the person who wanted to know about the pictures of the airplanes going into the World Trade Center and how The Herald-Mail got such good pictures. Well, they probably got them off the Internet, because there is no way they could have had a photographer go to New York that quick and get that close."


"I was wondering how many other people received 'Important Delivery' letters and when you open it up, it gives you a phone number and ID number to call, that you won $1 million. You would get it in 30 annual installments of $33,333 annually. You call it and they try to sell you magazines. I think this should be taken out of the mail system. They get people wired up thinking they won money and then all they do is use it to sell advertisements for magazines. I called the post office and they said they can't do anything unless they ask for money, but they are trying to sell magazines."

"In response to the lady who said about the bus not putting on the red lights on Devil's Curve. When a bus starts to slow down to stop, they push a button to apply the yellow blinking lights. When the red lights are on the bus, the bus is stopped and the children are getting off. Evidently, you were a little too close to the bus to be hit in the back end."

"I noticed that one of our local drug stores, I thought after something that was reduced in price, this was on the 50 to 75 percent off table. Now it is back on the shelf being sold at the regular price. It still has part of the sale ticket on it, where it was reduced 50 to 75 percent. I thought that once it was marked that, it was to be sold that?"

"Thank you very much to the kind person who found Christmas presents in a bag in the Hecht's junior department and returned them. We were able to pick them up. Thanks very much."

"It's that time of year again. Herald-Mail subscribers, don't forget your carriers this year. After all, they do deliver your paper in the snow, sleet and rain and all kinds of weather. So don't forget your carriers this Christmas and give them a gift."

"I see where someone on Sharpsburg Pike is seeing the gas at 99 and 97 cents a gallon. How come one end of town can be $1.01 or 99 cents, but at the east end of town and near Smithsburg, it is still $1.09 and $1.10?"

"To the caller who called in about the bandit stealing his grandmother's purse at Valley Mall. Wouldn't it be nice if we could catch some of these individuals and break their legs while they are doing it?"

"Can anyone tell me if we ever had snow in the month of April?"

"I found a kitten, approximately three months old, in the area of Central Avenue. It's a gray tabby. If anyone would like to claim it, I will be keeping it for another couple of days until I decide what to do with it. My number is 301-791-7315."

"Here we go again, the Board of Education and the Washington County Commissioners want to sit back and look at the lower-paid employees of the school board because of the budget. Isn't it about time that they start looking at the adjustments for themselves and not on the lower-paid people?"

"I want to say hello and Merry Christmas to Thomas."

"I just happened to see the new picture of Tim Rowland. I knew he didn't look that way. I think he looks so good now."

"To the person who wanted to know about the pictures of the planes going into the World Trade Center. To answer your first question, probably with a camera. To answer your second question, whoever used the camera was probably pretty good."

"To the person who was looking for a phone book with 800 numbers in it. If you would call 1-800-555-1212, they will give you the 800 number of any place you would like to know."

"I was reading Mail Call and someone said they were looking for an oxygen tank and carrying case. They are right, they don't own the equipment, they are rented. There were two places mentioned but there is another one in Hagerstown. It's called Apria Healthcare. It's on Sweeney Drive. The people there are very nice and very professional. Also, most insurance companies provide coverage for the oxygen as long as you qualify. Good luck to you."

"Ooh, Tim Rowland, love your new picture in The Herald-Mail. You look much better."

"I can tell you where you can get a phone book with 800 numbers. If you leave your number in Mail Call, I will get back with you."

"Lost: A set of keys at the Fairplay Fire Hall. Keys were either lost in parking lot or banquet room area. If found, call 301-797-1977 and leave a message."

"I saw the gas on Sharpsburg Pike the other day for 99 cents. Yesterday, I went to gas up my car and it was back up to $1.07. Then I realized why, the gas station across the street closed. Are we going to take that?"

"Let's hope that the presence of yet another religious organization downtown, this one in the old YMCA, helps to put a crimp locally, in the world's oldest profession - the unsavory activities of the 'ladies and gents' of the night. Is this what the governor had in mind when he pressed for a liberal arts college in the heart of downtown Hagerstown? You've got it!"

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