Mail Call for 11/27

November 28, 2001

Mail Call for 11/27

"To the person who is complaining about the 'Harry Potter' books: It's all fantasy. Even though it is about witchcraft and stuff like that, do you really think that the kids are worried about doing witchcraft right now? It's just a character thing."

"I was reading about the concerns on the 'Harry Potter' books. It is only a fiction book. Everyone needs to stop taking these children's books so seriously."

"About the ring found at Hagers-town Community College. If it was a Dolphin ring, let me know in Mail Call. I lost a Dolphin ring about a year ago at HCC."

"I am appalled at the meat show brazenly displayed by some brides whose attire is mostly from the waist down. Have they no sensitivity for the clergy who officiate at their weddings? Who besides the groom should be interested in knowing that the gal is doubled-breasted? Clergy, take a stand. This is not the Garden of Eden."


"To the people out there who are trying to tell the kids to pick up the Bible so they can learn that these 'Harry Potter' books are nothing but sorcery and witchcraft. What do you think the Bible is filled with? The Bible is filled with witchcraft, sorcery and magic. How do you expect a child to read the Bible and see all that stuff and say 'yeah the 'Harry Potter' books are wrong and the Bible is right,' when the same thing is happening in both of them. You need to give the kids their fantasy world instead of depriving them of it. Read the book and the movie from them, teach them right from wrong. Teach them that this is nothing but fantasy. Do the things with your kids, don't ignore them. Get involved in your kids' lives."

"Someone called in Mail Call about Moses parting the Red Sea and a cane of his becoming a serpent. Do they know that those things were God working through Moses? He can perform miracles. There is nothing too great for God. Someone better get out their Bible and start reading and believe in the inspired words of God."

- Sharpsburg

"We would like to wish our father, George, a happy 75th birthday. From his daughter, Betty, Debbie and son John and his wife, Nancy."

"Why don't the police force, the County Commissioners or social workers or someone help this poor man who sleeps in front of the store uptown? With all the help in this county, it's surprising that someone still has to sleep outside during the night. Please help him. Thank you."

"To the people who are complaining about the 'Harry Potter' books. I am 14 and I love the books. If you have kids and they love the books, if you don't have kids and you don't love the books, why don't you read them, then you will find out that there is nothing wrong with these books."

"Tina, happy birthday and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mom and Boo, we love you and miss you."

"About people criticizing the Board of Education for getting a raise. Before you criticize a person, you should walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you criticize him, you are a mile away. So be quiet, people, and stop criticizing them."

"Five Americans have died from anthrax. The government believes that the perpetrator probably is from this country, most likely an American. I also believe this, all the letters were sent to two newscasters and the rest to Democratic lawmakers. I think the government should be looking for weapon loving, right-wing radicals. Probably associated with anti-government militia or a white supremacists group. I agree that there are probably foreign terrorists here in America. But there are most likely, much more warped Americans bent on terrorism. Like when the Unabomber was at large. In addition to $25 million on bin Laden's head, Mr. Ridge should put a large price on the anthrax mailer. Isn't Ridge supposed to be a head of the Homeland Security? Someone out there knows something about this anthrax threat. Mr. Ridge should pursue all avenues to end this."

- Chambersburg, Pa.

"About Greenberry Hills. You are not supposed to burn leaves or any other kind of trash. That has been banned in the city and county for about 30 years now. We had a family that was burning leaves on Thursday evening and scared the wits out of a lot of neighbors. It was so dry out there, what do they want to do burn their house and everyone else's houses. It is illegal, it is in the code that you don't burn leaves, besides you should know better with all the dry weather we have had. Why don't you bag them up and let the trash men pick them up instead of scaring everyone."

"To the person who said in Friday's Mail Call that Hagerstown has a Fairground but doesn't have a fair. Years ago, Hagerstown used to have fairs at the fairgrounds, that's how we got the fairgrounds. Now it is just a park."

"Just a friendly reminder to all the holiday shoppers out there. Please be courteous as you are walking through the aisles and you see someone trying to pass. Please stop and let them go through."

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