Letters to the Editor 11/26

November 27, 2001

Letters to the Editor 11/26

Don't stifle opposing views

To the editor:

A recent trip to the Holocaust Museum vividly conveyed to me what can happen when citizens of a nation allow dissenting voices to be silenced. I find the voices calling for the removal of Charley Reese's column from our newspaper to be perilous voices. They say, you must believe like I believe to be legitimate.

Charley has often been a burr under my saddle, too. But in these troubled times, he is the only columnist who has had the courage to question our govenrment's actions. He raises important questions that need to be considered. It would be against everything for which our country stands to remove his column from the paper.

Those who find Reese's writing offensive don't have to read it. I am more frightened by people who would silence voices that question our government than I am of dissenters. Please keep Charley's views coming.


Peggy Reiff Miller


Give fiber plant a chance

To the editor:

This is a letter concerning 1st Urban Fiber, also known as Hagerstown Fiber.

I am a resident in the South End right around the corner of this company. I well remember the odor emanating from their plant. But as I recall around the same time as the plant closing there was a broken sewer line found in the storm overdrain close to the plant running into the Antietam Creek. Now, I'm not sure who the real culprits were, but I for one am not going to stick my nose up at a new company that could possibly create decent jobs in our community.

The new company Belkorp Ind. has already basically said that if there is a problem, it will be fixed.

This is an opportunity for all concerned. The city can get back the cost of the electric substation it built, some much needed-employment in the community and what seems like a responsible company coming to Hagerstown.

I still don't recall anyone pinpointing the odor on Hagerstown Fiber as Councilman L. Metzner has stated. I'm not sure when the councilman was last in the South End, but there is still a bad odor in the area.

I've heard rumors it's a p[rivate company. I've heard it was the waste water treatment plant. It could even be Memorial Stadium. Wait a minute, that problem could go away soon anyway. Should we look into shutting these plants down, too?

No wonder companies skip past Hagerstown on their way to Frederick or Pennsylvania or West Virginia. Let's give Belkorp a chance to operate, and just maybe in the end we may come out "smelling like roses."

Jim Hiser


For a shot, not bad at all

To the editor:

On Saturday, Nov. 17, North Hagerstown High School opened for a flu clinic. It was my very first experience and one I shall remember. I had not so much as ever been to North High for anything. A friend gave me an idea about parking and I finally found a space, and that was before 8 a.m.

A lady was walking near there and I asked her about the lineup inside, she told me that the auditorium was open and we would be able to sit while waiting so I went on inside. I appreciate orderliness and will always remember the way each one of us was guided to our seats.

Likewise, when the clinic opened, how very well each one was shown where to go. Mrs. Lewis, the nurse, who gave me my flu shot, is a credit to the nursing profession, kind and caring. Each and every one who volunteered their time made it a day that could have been very unpleasant with 2,000-plus people.

When I left the school I had to exit a different door than the one I entered and couldn't find my car. A very nice lady and a volunteer gentleman stayed with me 10 to 15 minutes until I found it.

Many thanks to the nurse, Mrs. Lewis; the lady who answered my question about the line inside, the lady and the gentleman who walked with me to find my car and all the others who worked and gave cheerfully of their time to help us older folks to get our flu shots that our doctors were unable to give this year.

Thank you and blessings for a great Thanksgiving day (all year).

Ruth W. Hose

Clear Spring

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