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Letters to the Editor 11/22

November 27, 2001

Letters to the Editor 11/22

Smoking ban an interference

To the editor:

Finally people are coming forward to protest the illegally passed smoking ban in Berkeley County, W.Va. We're told by the federal government to get on with our lives. However, the Berkeley County Commissioners have regulated our choice.

To live our lives as we choose, we are choosing not to support our local merchants and travel to Virginia and beyond to spend our money.

Don't the Berkeley County Commissioners realize that we need these merchants as much as they need us? Have they lost sight of the voters' right to choose where they might go to eat and shop to spend their earnings? We don't elect them to take more away, but to use good judgment to govern fairly and with equality.


I urge you to return to the issue and come back with compassion that is just for all concerned.

Roger Wenk

Inwood, W.Va.

God can't always protect

To the editor:

Is it possible to live free from fear in this dangerous and unpredictable world? Yes, it most definitely is. Because protection is a solid promise of God. But it's not a promise that's offered to just anyone. It is a promise to those who abide in the Lord. To abide means to dwell, to remain and to continue. To abide in the shadow of the almighty is to live in continual union with him, keeping his word and obeying his voice.

Those who abide in the Lord can live without dread of what the devil will do. Let me make this clear though, God's promise of protection doesn't guarantee that the devil will leave us alone. It means that God will give us a way of escape every time the devil rears his ugly face at us.

If you are afraid of the dangers around you, spend more time in the word and in prayer until your trust in God overcomes your fear. Draw closer to the Lord until you are abiding in the shadow of this almighty and no matter how dangerous this world becomes he surely shall deliver you. Amen.

Raphel Tucker 300-678

Roxbury Correctional Institution


Give women the upper hand

To the editor:

The enormous population increase of the last several decades, mainly among the world's impoverished and the increased disparity between rich and poor surely has fueled the anger that is driving the terrorists.

To stabilize the world population voluntarily will mean empowering women and educating men - and in some places that will take enormous social change.

In ancient Greece (451 B.C.) Pericles' mistress, Aspasia, thought women were as good as men, which idea seems to have kept cropping up all through history.

It seems that when pre-historic folks were still hunter-gatherers, the women were so busy always and the men didn't have much to do, except kill an animal once in a while. Consequently the men got to thinking they were superior to the women.

During the Persian Empire eunuchs were widely employed as royal advisers, as they had more time to think. Maybe if the Taliban were replaced with eunuchs, they might be more amenable to reason. Maybe all the world's governments should be replaced like this - it would get rid of all the sex scandals.

All across the world we are running short of water. Inland lakes and seas are drying up and many rivers no longer make it to the ocean. Reproductive rights for women are integrally linked to sustainable development. Couples who use contraception have smaller families. Women need to give birth to more ideas and fewer babies. Maybe we could teach kids that a woman's place is in the house, the senate and the Oval Office?

Ruth M. Davis

Waynesboro, Pa.

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