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letters to the editor - 11/25/01 - F6

November 27, 2001

Letters to the Editor 11/25

Enough letters on religion

To the editor:

Enough is E-N-U-F-F. Quit printing religious organizations' free advertisement items.

Comment: Religion is man looking for God, Christianity is God searching for man. God is not lost.

Many religions do not serve in military or fly U.S. flags, but do get income-tax exemptions for our defenses. All are permitted to vote.

Why would I, or anyone, desire to be a part of "them"? Newspapers should not support them by printing cults' letters in the "Letter-to-Editor" column. Everyone (Christian or non-Christian) will answer to Galatian 5 6:7 here or after, ref: John 5:29.

G. Camery


Don't surrender Berkeley County to terrorists

To the editor:

While discussing the security concerns of Berkeley County, Commissioner John Wright indicated that he was concerned that smaller cities/communities might be the future targets of terrorists.


His solution is that we stay away from groups and you should stay out of malls. He did change his view by suggesting people go to football games and the Apple Harvest Festival.

Come on John, let's just surrender Berkeley County to Osama bin Laden's group. I can't believe this guy actually gets elected as one of our representatives. What a leader we have.

Glen J. Conway

Falling Waters W.Va.

No freedom from fear

To the editor:

A mother, her 6-year-old daughter, and two friend were standing outside of a house, talking and saying their good-byes. Suddenly, a plane flew overhead. The child looked up and immediately became somber. She tugged at her mother's hand and whispered, "Uh-oh, mommy."

This is a true story, and a scene that would not have taken place a month ago. But due to an unprecedented terrorist attack on America, this scene has been repeated throughout the U.S. on a daily basis. I have even found myself looking up into the sky and, upon seeing an airplane soaring in the clouds, saying to my God "Uh-oh Father."

There are countless stories of acts of heroism, acts of war, miracles and tragedies. But perhaps the worst tragedy of all is that although America is doing what President Bush has asked of her, returning to her normal life, she has almost forgotten what happened on that fateful day of Sept. 11.

It has become normal to see signs everywhere, proudly stating that we are strong and undaunted. It has become part of our everyday lives to see our nation's flag in every shape and size, plastered to every imaginable spot.

It is almost as if we have become accustomed to the changes that have happened around us. There is a Russian proverb that states that if we dwell on the past, we have lost an eye. It goes on to say, however, that if we forget the past, we have lost both eyes.

We become blind to the things that are to come. I am afraid of the blindness that will inevitably overtake America if we continue to forget what has happened to us.

There are also two of those "normal" signs that have caught my attention more than any other. "God Bless America" has become the most popular and most overused phrase since that historic day.

Fellow Americans, have we thought about what we are saying when we so carelessly and impetuously command God to bless us?

We are, in essence, saying, "God protect us and bless using our time of struggle, devastation and anguish." What a contrast from what we were demanding of Him before! "God" it's okay for others to believe in You, but our children cannot pray to You in our schools. You are not allowed to influence our thoughts and our choices. We want You to sit upon Your throne and watch us and give us what we want, regardless of the standards that You established before Time began. We know better than You do what to do with our lives. So please, God, kindly mind your own business and give us what we want."

Is it not amazing that America has lasted so long with her blatant disrespect and hatred toward the very one who founded her principles?

Dani Ward


No way with words

To the editor:

It seems editorial page letter writers are always moaning about whether someone is ignoring or overusing "politically correct" language.

The Bush administration first said it was on a "crusade" to attack terrorism, but backtracked due to the allusion to the medieval Crusades.

The Bush administration next said it wanted "Operation Infinite Justice," but backtracked since many people of spiritual belief feel only God can mete our justice of that scope.

The Bush administration has now appointed Tom Ridge to head the new Office of Homeland Security. So I wonder; I am the only one to notice this latest name conjures visions of apartheid South Africa?

I agree with most writers that political correctness has run amuck. If, on the other hand, we want cooperation and assistance from the international community for our fight against terrorism, we must learn the language of diplomacy.

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