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Letters to the Editor 11/23

November 27, 2001

Letters to the Editor 11/23

Auction will be skipped this year

To the editor:

Residents of Washington County:

Hagerstown Civil Air Patrol would like to thank all local merchants and families who have contributed to our annual CAP Auction in past years. Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold the seventh annual auction this year because of the three local search and rescue missions that were completed in January, June and August.

We did not have time to orchestrate everything that needs to be done to have an outstanding auction.

This year we will try to do an inhouse fundraiser and next year we will try to have our seventh annual auction in October at the Aero-Smith Hangar on Jarkey Drive at the airport.

Thank you all who have helped to make our six other auctions a success.

Maj. Barry McNew, CAP

Squadron Commander 18004


God's protection: Abortion a factor?

To the editor:


Dear friends, the following is an appeal for a return to reason, for the restoration of the soul of the nation, and a promise of hope.

As we turn to God and ask his blessing and victory in this war that's been thrust upon us, I sense there's something we need to consider first. On whose terms are we seeking his favor? His, or ours? If ours, well, isn't that a bit unreasonable?

If his, then we need to be open to whatever it would take to not hinder, but secure his blessing. Even things we don't consider open to discussion. Please think this through with me.

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, God has removed his hand of protection from our nation - as we have removed our hand of protection from the most innocent and defenseless among us?

In our distress over the recent wholesale taking of innocent life in New York and elsewhere, do we have a clue to how God feels over the loss of innocent life in America since "Roe v. Wade?"

I say this because, if there's anything Scripture is absolutely clear on, nothing is more grievous to God than the taking of innocent lives - especially little ones.

In that light, it's not just terrorists who've grieved God. When we compare the total loss of life by terrorism, to the more than 40 million lives lost to "choice," is it not we who need to "get the log out of our own eye before we can see to get the speck" out of theirs?

Let's really think about this. We know how we felt when more than 4,000 lives were lost to terrorists in one day. Horror, shock, and outrage swept the nation. But, we lose more than 4,000 lives every day to "abortion providers" - and most of us don't notice or care.

What's happened to our soul? For most of our history, we knew that the child in the womb was a gift from God, loved and known to Him already as a unique person, worthy of life and protection. But now every appeal for their lives is ignored.

Could it be that the One who is "compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love" to all has - to His own great distress - allowed the 9/11 disaster in hopes we would wake up and stop an even greater tragedy?

Be assured this writer is no finger-wagging holier-than-thou. I'm not faultless in this, either. The good news is that people like me, and nations like ours, can be forgiven, and restored.

We used to say "Americans care more about life than other people," but no more. Can we become a people who care for life again? Can we know God's favor again? Yes, if we stop disregarding God and what he cares for, and start caring instead.

Jesus told of a father who was grieved by a wayward son's choices, but never stopped looking for him, and rejoiced when he returned. God's heart isn't judgment - it's restoration. That's why he sent his son.

The key is to believe and follow him. It not only clears the slate, but changes us into the caring, wiser people we so need to be. A people God can bless and protect.

If we'll return, the best is yet to come. This could be our finest hour.

Elijah Tabor

Waynesboro, Pa.

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