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Letters to the Editor 11/24

November 27, 2001

Letters to the Editor 11/24

No God, no protection

To the editor:

Tuesday, Sept. 11, started as any other day. I woke up, went to school, and thought about how I was going to have a good day.

Our school administrator came in the classroom and told us America had been attacked. Several thoughts crossed my mind, mostly, "Why is this happening?"

When the attacks happened it all seemed like a movie. I couldn't believe what had happened. Students in our school began to sing, pray to God, and cry.


It was unbelievable that something this bad was already changing our lives. These attacks have caused much hurt and pain to families across America.

I believe this all happened for one reason. It happened because our country needs to get back to God. Because of these men, we lost thousands of people. Most of these people probably did not have God in their hearts. That's the worst part about this tragedy. Thousands of people could still be alive and could have become Christians, but they died on Sept. 11 because of evil men wanting to get back at America. That's wrong for them to do that.

I hope we find the men who had any part in this then American can be safe again. I also believe our country needs God. Trust me, you will get a lot farther in life with God.

Stephanie Horchner


Thinking beyond the system

To the editor:

I've been a trucker for 25 years and I think Rep. Ron Marsico's ideas about truck safety such as $500 logbook fines and split speed limits are ignorance gone to seed and indicate corrupt motive by the Ridge administration. Writing from prison, I must also say from experience, misprision and clerical kidnapping in Pennsylvania are as common as traffic tickets.

Putting an army of cops on the road to kick the truckers around is not the sanest approach to safety. More driver stress means more fatigue. Split speed limits disrupt the smooth flow of traffic and greatly increase unnecessary lane change and merging tactics.

Some day in the interest of the general welfare, lawmakers and "their" police will both have to learn to see and think beyond "the system."

Gerald Stull



Special ed needs more funding

To the editor:

I would like to make a response to the "Fed-up-with-schools" letter.

I have a son who is in the Washington County Special Education program. He has a learning disability with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). I feel that the special-ed programs need to be revamped and modified in order to provide an adequate education to these children.

The Individual Education Program (I.E.P.) that these children receive is the cruel joke. A lot of these children never get the one-on-one that they so desperately need. It seems that $1.5 million for the humane treatment of animals is more important than the inhumane treatment that children with learning disabilities receive.

The lack of funding puts the harassment, intimidation and manipulation method on the parent, not the child. Education spending should be the number one priority, not stadiums, not parks that no one uses, not Civil War museums, not more housing developments to overcrowd underfunded schools. It is a shame that our schools have to sell pizza kits and have other types of fundraisers to get money. Wake up America. Our children are our future.

Adam E. Paul Jr.


Wonderful spitit

To the editor:

The tragedy of Sept. 11 has left a huge impact and a new way of life for all of us. I was so impressed with the people of this area when more than 2,300 gathered at center square in Greencastle on Oct. 7 to show their patriotism, pride and love for our country and to show support for our president and those around him as they make critical decisions for us and for the future of our country.

This large group gathered on a cold, windy evening to honor and eulogize our heroes and to honor and show our respect for our service men and women who leave their homes and families and put themselves in harm's way to defend our country and the freedom we all love but too often take for granted.

The wonderful American Spirit of these local citizens caused the good endorphins to rush throughout your body, leaving you with so much love and pride for each other and for our country.

My thanks to the ad hoc committee and supporters for their diligence in getting this program together quickly in support of our country and to the people who came and participated to make this event successful.

In a time when it seems so much of our news is negative and sad, my thanks to our local news media for recognizing that positives do make good news and for their excellent coverage of this event.

W. Jean Oliver

Greencastle, Pa.

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