Big Sydney - Golf pushed back another week

November 23, 2001

Big Sydney - Golf pushed back another week

These lousy kids.

Last year they cooperated. Only one team even made it to the playoffs last year, and they did me a favor by losing in the first round.

That gave me a chance to join the Washington professional sports teams in their favorite pastime ... early tee times!

And take a look this year. They're all on their way to the same fate this season.

Redskins: They stink, even though they've won four in a row.

Capitals: They stink, even though they paid a lot of money for Mick Jagr.

Wizards: They stink, even though they paid just a little bit of money for Michael Jordan, who gave it away along with his leaping ability.

Yes sir, last year I was fighting those guys for the prime 12:10 tee time at Congressional. But the locals decided to put up a fight this year and show for the postseason, and thus, I must continue with the prognostication.


However, even football can't keep me away from the Thanksgiving table for long. I'm cutting this one short to get back to my turkey and gravy and stuffing and potatoes and gravy and relish and cranberry sauce and ham and gravy and pork and bacon and gravy and rice and spam and gravy and biscuits and gravy and pumpkin pie and sweet po ... wait a minute, did I say rice?

Well, you gotta start thinking healthy at some point.

On with the predictions. Last week 7-4 (.636). Season 186-73 (.718).


Maryland Class 1A semifinal

Boonsboro 24, Oakland Mills 20: Warriors rock Scorpions like a hurricane.

Maryland Class 2A semifinal

Joppatowne 19, Middletown 17: These Mariners are about as hot as Seattle's were.

W.Va. Class AAA semifinal

Martinsburg 33, Morgantown 16: Bulldogs make this the last of the Mohigans' title defenses.


Pittsburgh 31, West Virginia 14: Mountaineers will be black and blue and gold after Backyard Brawl.

Michigan State 37, Penn State 21: No Lion here, the Nittanies will lose.


Eagles 34, Redskins 13: Now the 'Skins don't even have that winning streak to fall back on.

Steelers 27, Titans 21: Pittsburgh closes the curtain on Titans.

Ravens 33, Jaguars 10: Elvis will look Sharpe after Shannon bashed him.

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