Read a good book

May 22, 2001

Read a good book


School is almost over.

You're probably looking forward to a summer of TV, friends and fun in the sun.

Well, what if TV offers nothing but reruns?


What if your friends get boyfriends or girlfriends ... and you don't?

What if your fun in the sun turns into pain in the rain?

How will you keep your sanity, let alone your academic edge?

If these problems leave you shaking in your sandals, here's a cure: READING.

Quit your moaning and groaning. Hear me out.

Reading helps pass the time on extremely humid days as well as rainy and lonely days. It's free if you have a library card; and prepares you for school by building vocabulary, comprehension skills and - depending on what you read - knowledge. Teachers love that. You've heard the phrase, "knowledge is power?"


Read books. Get knowledge. Become powerful. It's an easy three-step process to success.

OK, so where do you go from here?

First: Check out our book list.

Second: Find the grade level you are stepping into.

Third: Pick out one or two books that sound interesting.

Next: Roll on over to the library and find these books.

And last ... and most importantly: Read the books.

Before you know it, your miserable summer of no friends, reruns and school anxieties will be over; your vocabulary will go through the roof; and you will definitely be ready for the coming school year.

Ryan Swope is a senior at Shepherd College.

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