Mail Call for 5/18

May 18, 2001

Mail Call for 5/18

"That Jerry Springer show is getting disgusting. When a person gets up from their chair and gets up in someone else's face, it is so obvious that it is on cue."

"Our congratulations to the Riverview Cemetery Association, or whoever restored and painted the antique iron fence around the cemetery in Williamsport. It looks wonderful."

- Williamsport residents

"I am calling about the person having trash in their yard and lives a half a mile from the new landfill. I have trash in my yard all the time. People go by and throw trash out all the time and I have to pick it up myself. You are complaining about the prisoners picking your trash up, well I would be happy to have someone else pick up the trash, no matter who it is. I would appreciate it. It seems to me no matter who it is, you wouldn't be happy."


"To the lady who on May 8, found a pair of prescription glasses in a red glass case in the parking lot next to Duke's. If you still have them, call Rose at 301-797-2536."

"I live across from an elementary school here in the city. I see the parents picking them up and dropping them off. I noticed that there are at least 10 or more cars with out-of-state tags. Can someone explain why those people are dropping their children off in Washington County Public Schools?"

"Looks to me like from the Hagerstown Election that the Republicans lost again. It is good to see them going out."

"Could any gardener tell me if it is OK to put oak leaves in your garden, plowed up? Or shouldn't you do that?"

"If there is anyone who found a pair of glasses in or around JC Penney's, please call 301-582-2787."

"I would like to thank all nine of my children for the wonderful Mother's Day present for me and their brother. Thanks kids."

"I want to wish Jerry a very happy belated birthday. From her friend, Brenda."

"If you would like to take a drive on Sunday, May 20, come to Hancock. We are having a chicken barbecue at the Hancock Volunteer Fire Company."

"To everyone out there that still burns their garbage out there at their home instead of taking it to the dump. It is against the law to burn garbage or plastic and you must be at least 200 feet from adjacent property. I started calling on people who are burning garbage and you will be getting a visit and being told to stop and if you don't stop, you will be fined."

"I am calling from Washington County. Thank God I don't live in Hagerstown, the city limits. The mayoral and city council race is an absolute joke. When the amount of people that are eligible to vote don't go to vote, it is ridiculous. I think that Mayor Bruchey has done a good job for the city of Hagerstown in the last four years.

"I am calling about the dark gray cat that the lady is looking for and she thinks that it was hit around Resh Road. There was a dark gray cat hit on U.S. 40 on the same side of Shamrock Inn, at the Walnut Point Road West. I don't know if it had white paws or not. It was about a week and a half ago. There is really nothing left of the cat now, but it was dark gray."

"To the parents of Western Heights Middle Schools students who walk to and from school. Do you know that your kiddies are smoking?"

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