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May 17, 2001

Letters to the Editor 5/16

We don't care about the Earth

To the editor:

I guess we can do one of two things, spend billions on NASA in hopes that they'll find another planet to support our existence (a wing and a prayer), or conserve and recycle. I've always been a "social environmentalist" but over the past few days I've been more aggravated than I normally am.

I attend North Hagerstown High School and among the many problems that need to be worked out, is what follows. In each classroom at this honorable school, is a recycling bin, a wonderful, beautiful recycling bin. Unfortunately, I learned that North has collectively decided that what's placed in these bins is just as worthless as what is disposed of in the garbage cans, so they make sure that they all go to the same place (meaning that the big blue bin is merely a prettier version of a garbage can) 999 out of 1,000 (and no, I don't think I'm exaggerating).


Things disposed of in classrooms at the school are paper - that's a lot of paper to waste and merely throw into a landfill to one day be put underground or shot into space. I can't even begin to comprehend how many trees and how many toxins are destroyed and shot into the air due to the paper that North goes through each day.

The school also deemed that there's no reason for a separate aluminum can bin, as it attracts bugs (no worse than a landfill with millions of cans).

Now I come from a state (Minnesota) where every household is given a recycling bin and twice a week a giant recycling plant (which is very fuel-efficient) would go around each neighborhood and collect these recycled products - not only did that mean that we were saving the Earth and reusing valuable material, but we were saving precious landfill space.

Than I had the pleasure of coming to this great state (where there was a beautiful recycling plant built) but alas, the state wasn't making as much money as it wanted to, so it was closed down. Think about it, the size of this town, so close to the Capital of the Free World, and there's no recycling plant!

Not only that, but the majority of this town doesn't seem interested enough to make their voices heard even if they did care!

Conservation should be the key to this species' survival (sure you agree - now go back to your giant SUV and suck up that $1.75 a gallon gas and get your four miles per gallon on the highway, then whine about the price of gas and the shape of your planet. Some day I'll raise enough money, buy a Wal-Mart, tear it down, and plant trees.

Mark Labozzetta


Story has a nice ring to it

To the editor:

On May 5, you generously ran a letter I wrote to you. I composed this letter as a desperate, last-ditch effort to find a ring that I lost on April 11.

The letter was published on Saturday morning. I was in Gettysburg, Pa., visiting with our daughter and grandchildren. When we returned to Great Cacapon at about noon, there was a message on our answering machine from a wonderful gentlemen, stating that he works the auto checkout station at the Martin's grocery store.

About a week ago he was doing some cleaning and found my ring when he pulled a rug from under the edge of the station.

He went to management to report the discovery of the ring, only to find that my name and phone number had been misplaced.

Saturday morning a lovely lady who works at the customer service desk saw the letter to the editor entitled "Where's my ring?" She immediately informed Jim Washington (the gentlemen who found the ring). Washington called me and that is the rest of the story.

My husband and I drove to Hagerstown that afternoon and had the wonderful experience of meeting Jim and in turn seeing my precious ring again. I have always had a tremendous faith in all people. This story proves that I have been correct in having this faith in God and man.

I want at this time to thank The Herald-Mail and the people responsible for publishing my letter, particularly Susan Snyder. Without the generosity of these people, I would not have had this beautiful story.

Joyce A. Pritt

Great Cacapon, W.Va.

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