Letters to the Editor 5/15

May 15, 2001

Letters to the Editor 5/15

Mistakes, repeated

To the editor:

I am appalled by the women discussed in "Home a haven for mothers," the article concerning the home for unwed mothers. How about a home for "unwed pregnant women?" Mother means the care, concern and everything else that goes along with the title, as opposed to just bringing these babies into the world.

When I was younger I made a mistake also However what is the excuse of these, or any women for two, three and four mistakes over and over again?

What is their problem with birth control - of whatever method? Why should they be pitied and coddled when they keep making the choices over and over again? As, I said, I am appalled and could say more, but am speechless and am quite sure most of what I could say would fall on the deaf ears of a lot of "do-gooders" out there.


Bonnie Wilson

Martinsburg, W.Va.

We still remember

To the editor:

"Go ahead and take it down; by next year they'll have forgotten all about it." Merle Elliott and Citicorp officials said of their deal to take down the 225-year-old Ludwig Kammerer house - at Easter time, a time noted in our culture for new life and beginning.

This May, 2001, begins the third year of my wrenching memories of the inexcusable assult upon history, cultural and archaeological research and my own personal thirst for knowledge. Neither I nor the descendants of Ludwig Kammerer have forgotten.

We have not forgotten that the gable stone bearing the carving,"L.K., 1774," belongs in a state or national archive, not in a perpetrator's backyard garden. Neither have we forgotten that we presented evidence that the possible remains of an ancestral grandmother, Ludwig's wife, was buried near the site of one of the last examples of German architecture in the New World.

Two graves, now unmarked, are approximately 30 feet from the southwest corner of the house which Elliott and Citicorp caused to be destroyed.

We have not forgotten that truth was trampled into that same ground, and our plea for a search, and the possible removal of the remains goes ignored.

The land above the grave now lies barren and forlorn, adorned with only the prairie grasses to wave at the brick and glass presentation of Citicorp's and Elliott's "agreement."

A descendant of Ludwig; his daughter, Elizabeth; her daughter, Catherine; her daughter, Juliet; her son, Phineas; Phineas's daughter, Letitia Cassandra; her daughter, Jennie Mable; and Jennie's son, Robert L. (Robert's ancestral father also came from Hagerstown.

Carol D. Boyles

Locust Grove, Okla.

Jellystone offers camping and more

To the editor:

Recently I had the pleasure of staying with my children at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp on Lappans Road, by Williamsport. I expected to have fun cooking hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire, and the usual camping-type things

But we were surprised and pleased to find so much more. This particular weekend the park hosted several local school bands and groups, including the E. Russell Hicks Middle School Jazz Band, the Clear Spring High School Show Choir and the Boonsboro Middle School Jazz Band. It was a terrific experience, but the good feelings I had were increased when I read that all the park's visitor's fees went to the bands as a fundraiser.

I want to compliment the owners, management and staff at this fine Washington County facility for being involved in the community, and for being such good corporate citizens.

The park is owned by Ron and Vicki Vitkun, and they seem to be doing a terrific job. It is inspiring when a Washington County business helps local school programs in this way.

To host a fund-raiser with the proceeds going straight to the school groups is a great example of why the park has become successful. My children had a great time, and I'm sure that the school musicians appreciated being part of the event. Way to go, Jellystone Park!

Tom Riford


Thanks, Hancock

To the editor:

I would like to thank the people of the community, businesses, band parents, band students and the Hancock Middle-Senior High School.

With your support of our fundraisers the band was able to take a cruise to the Bahamas. While on the ship they performed and got an excellent rating. Then in Nassau they did a parade and got a superior rating along with a trophy for the drum line and drum major.

The rest of the day was enjoyed on Nassau and then the following day was spent on Coco Cay. With all of your support the band had a learning experience and something some of them will never experience the rest of their lives. So thank you again.

Lynn Mellott

Hancock Band Boosters


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