Maugansville Elementary fifth-graders, students of Cathy Grantham

May 14, 2001

Maugansville Elementary fifth-graders, students of Cathy Grantham

When I think of my mom, I'm lost for words. I think about it for a while.

My mother is the most loving, caring and understanding person I know. When I fall down and hurt myself, she is always there to help me up. She never blabs about the wrong things I do, but instead she points out things and helps me get through them. She never yells and calls me stupid when I do something senseless. Instead, she asks me if I know what I did wrong.

Sometimes, when I go to a friend's house, she tells what I can or can't do because I could hurt someone or myself. I get mad at her when she says that. I know she's right and I'm wrong, and I think that's what makes me mad.

Mothers won't be around forever, so while they are, love them!

- Jasmine Longanecker, 10, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

From here to there, from there to here

Whenever I'm in peril, she's always near.

My mother always gives me lots of love.

She is a gift sent from up above.

My mom loves me tender; she loves me sweet.

She loves me from my head to my feet.

My mother is trustworthy.

She also has lots of courtesy.

Although, sometimes we disagree.

Mom's almost always happy and cheery.

Mom encourages me to do well in school.

Overall, I think she is very cool.

Even when I'm feeling blue,

She's always there to say 'I love you."

Then I say, "I love you, too!"

- Chelsea D. Troppman, 10, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

I think the word "mother" means someone who cares about another person at all times. A mother is someone that is helpful, polite and honest. I think a mother is someone who loves me, my family and all of her surroundings. She is a guardian who is smart and very exciting. A mother is a person with a good sense of humor.

A mother is someone who I will always care about my whole life. I also think the word "mother" means someone who takes me on exciting adventures of all kinds. That's what I think the word "mother" means.

Happy Mother's Day!

- Evan Gist, 11, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

My mother is everything I need. She acts as if she is my best friend. She runs my brother and I all around places. She loves little kids as if they were hers. She teaches little kids and puts up with them. My mother is a wonderful person to have. She is the greatest mother in the world because she pays for my food, provides shelter, clothing, etc. She will love me always.

- Brendan Palmer, 10, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

The definition of mother is "a female parent or guardian." To me, a mother is much more.

You're No. 1 in her life. She'll go out of her way to do anything for you, and all she expects is your love.

A mother is a person whose love can't be overcome by any other force. Your mother loved you so much, she gave you life. Under any circumstances, your mother won't stop loving you. A mother's love can keep you going. Without mothers, we wouldn't be here. They should be recognized more.

A mother's love can be shown any way, don't be misled. The true definition of a mother can't be written down, it will take too long.

People think mothers are normal people, but they're the most incredible, loving, caring people in the universe. Mothers won't be here forever - in their time, love them well.

- Daniel Clements, 10, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

When I hear the word "mother," I think of my mother, the kind, courageous woman I live with. The woman I call Mom.

My mom respects and understands me. She's fun to be around, even when the sun goes down! When I need help, she's right by my side. When we get in fights, I might talk back and make her cry. When I tell her I'm sorry, she forgives me, tells me she loves me and hugs me.

I love my mom, and she loves me!

- Ashley Miller, 10, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

A mother is everything you want.

At times I say things I don't really mean to my mom. My mother is more than a guardian. My mom is dependable, caring and a lot more. She will miss anything she has to go to just to be with me.

Moms are willing to keep you out of danger. At times I think my mom is trying to invade my privacy, but now I understand she's trying to keep me safe.

You know moms work at home or a job all 365 days of the year. On just one day, they should get to rest. That would be Mother's Day, but personally, I think moms should get more than one day off.

Mothers aren't around for long, so love them while you can.

- Greg Luhouse, 11, a fifth-grader at Maugansville Elementary School

"My Mother"

She is like the sun

With its rays that I

See quickly.

When I come home

She's mostly there

If not, I know where.

She is my companion

To tell secrets to

Or just to have fun.

When we go on trips,

She smiles at me

In a way more happily

Than ever before as we

Walk through the door

To our home.

We make different foods,

Watch movies or

Just talk.

On Mother's Day

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