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May 14, 2001

Letters to the Editor 5/11

Vote Hendershot

To the editor:

Today, I volunteered alongside Linn Hendershot at the MiHi 11th annual spring craft show at the Washington County Ag Center.

Even though I have worked with Hendershot over the last several years on many projects for MiHi and realize what a caring individual he is, it absolutely amazes me at how much this individual gets accomplished in one day.

Over the years I have met many individuals who were running for public office and many of them also are really fine individuals but one thing that stands out with Hendershot is that he truly "walks the walk" When he says he is going to try and make some positive changes he goes beyond the limit to make sure he accomplishes his goals.

I personally have seen him do more in one day than some people do in a month.

Hard work and volunteering is no stranger to Hendershot and I truly believe that if the people of Hagerstown want a person who cares about their city, and a person who will do what he says he will then vote for Linn Hendershot in May for city council.


Mary Besecker

Waynesboro, Pa.

Caring folks

To the editor:

May 11 was Child Care Provider Appreciation Day and we here at Child Care Information Services wanted to take a moment to thank the providers in our area for their hard work and dedication. In a field where the average worker makes only $14,000 per year (less than most parking lot attendants), it is amazing that there are still nurturing and caring people to pursue this incredibly important career.

Each of us on staff has children of our own, and all of us have needed to use child care. In discussing programs and options, we were all happy to realize how fortunate we have been in finding providers that really nurture our children. So we send a special thank you to the staff that has comforted our children when they have been hurt, and encouraged them in a supportive environment as they mastered new skills. For each time you reminded them of how special and wonderful they were... thank you! It means so much to us to know our children are safe and happy.

To all the providers we work with, we send thanks and appreciation. You enable the 230 families we serve to go to work each day knowing their importance of it has been so under-realized. When you think that many children spend more than 10 hours a day in the care of a provider, what you do takes on astronomical value. The impact you have on children is astounding, each interaction and work of encouragement means something. It is an investment into that child's life and all of our future.

Megan Shreve , Sheri White, Kerry Sheaffer, Darlene D'Ambrosio, Deb Kessinger


City tax plan

To the editor:

I am writing to clarify the impact of proposed tax increases in the city of Hagerstown.

Most citizens are aware the city is in the process of approving a budget which increases taxes for the coming fiscal year. Recent changes in tax assessment formula will significantly increase tax payments as the tax rate goes up.

In the past property owners paid taxes based on 40 percent of the apprised value of their property. Under current law, property owners will pay taxes on the full 100 percent value of property. The change doesn't affect the amount of tax paid because the rate is reduced to maintain constant revenue yield.

This means you pay the same amount of taxes unless local governments change the tax rate. This is what the city is proposing to do.

With this change, the numbers seem smaller but the taxes due are more. I'll try to explain. If you have a property valued at $100,000 and the tax is increased 1 cent under the old formula, you would pay $4 in additional taxes. Now, the same property valued at $100,000 with a 1 cent tax increase, you will pay 2 1/2 times more tax or $10 in additional taxes.

Let's use this example to explain the current proposed city tax increase which is 4.6 cents. Under the old formula a 4.6 cent increase will cost you $18.40 in additional taxes for a property valued at $100,000. With the new formula, your taxes will increase $46, a difference of an additional $27.50.

My point is to inform citizens that this budget proposal will amount to a small 4.6-cent increase in your tax rate. However, what the property owner actually pays is far more than if old values were applied.

Effectively this tax increase is 2 1/2 times more than the old rate.

I pledge to continue searching for cost reductions that minimize the tax burden on the citizens of Hagerstown while maintaining services and public safety at acceptable levels.


Al Boyer

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