Letters to the Editor 5/9

May 11, 2001

Letters to the Editor 5/9

Imagination of the mind

To the editor:

On Saturday, April 21, Maryland Creative Problem Solvers (Maryland Affiliate of Destination Imagination) held the Annual Festival of Creativity. Elementary, middle, high and college students from around the state met in Charles County to perform their solutions to one of five challenges and work on their feet to solve an instant (spontaneous) challenge.

Two of our local elementary schools took top honors at this competition. Williamsport Elementary School won first place in the elementary Division of Anonymously Yours.

In addition to this placement, they also received a Renaissance Award for Outstanding Performance. Clear Spring Elementary School won second place in Triplicity. In May, both these teams will advance to Global Finals in Knoxville, Tenn. There, they will compete against teams from 47 states and 15 countries.


Teams of up to seven students may participate in this program. They meet for months to solve a challenge. They are required to do research, write scripts, make costumes, build sets, construct props, perform music and dance, build structures and technical elements, etc. All work is completed by the members of the team only! No outside interference is permitted!

The Williamsport Elementary team had to select a real work of art whose creator is "unknown" or "anonymous." They then had to create an original performance that tells the story of the unknown artist, "Anonymous," and the creation of the work of art they chose.

"Anonymous" must live or have lived in a country and culture other than where the team lives. The team had to learn about another culture and era as they discovered what life was like during the time and in the place in which the work of art was most likely created. In addition to the performance, the team had to develop a technical element that used only the technology available in the time and place where "Anonymous" lived. They had only eight minutes to present the solution.

The Clear Spring Elementary team had to create, build, and test a three-part, weight-bearing structure constructed from balsa wood, paper, and glue.

For this challenge, the team of travelers had to tell a story of a journey to a destination of the team's choosing. In addition to building the structure and telling the story, they had to construct three containers that would hold different materials. This team also had a maximum of eight minutes to present their solution.

These two teams are the first from Washington County to attend Global Finals in almost a decade. The students from these two teams will have a great opportunity to meet people from around the world. They not only represent the state of Maryland, but they will also be representing Washington County.

The teams' next challenge is to raise the funds to get themselves to Tennessee. They have only two short weeks to raise approximately $8,000 for each team. Both schools have set fund-raising wheels in motion. Come on Washington County, let's not disappoint these children. They welcome donations from any person, business, or organization. Any amount counts! Anyone willing to make a contribution may send it to:

Williamsport Elementary School

c/o Destination Imagination

1 S. Clifton Drive

Williamsport, Md. 21795


Clear Spring Elementary School

c/o Destination Imagination

12627 Broadfording Road

Clear Spring, Md 21722

Let us show that we care and have spirit for the children all over Washington County.

Stephanie Angles

DI team manager

Clear Spring Elementary

Dan Henderson

Barb Savage

DI team managers

Williamsport Elementary

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