Man sentenced for sex with teen

May 11, 2001

Man sentenced for sex with teen


A Williamsport man was sentenced Thursday in Washington County Circuit Court to three months in jail for a 1999 sexual encounter with an underage girl.

Michael John Greijack, 21, who pleaded guilty in March to a fourth-degree sex offense, was ordered to register as a sex offender and to pay $5,455 in restitution to the victim and her family for counseling and treatment.

Upon his release from the Washington County Detention Center, Greijack will be on supervised probation for three years.

Greijack, of 11308 White Hall Road, was 19 when he admitted having sexual intercourse with the victim, who was 14 at the time of the August 1999 incident.


According to a report filed by Washington County Sheriff's Investigator Kenny Barnhart, the girl left a youth service at Gateway Ministries in Williamsport with Greijack and several friends and went to a local restaurant.

Greijack took the victim and one of her friends home but later met the victim at a prearranged location after she climbed out the window of her home, according to Barnhart's report.

There was no dispute they had sexual intercourse in his car but the victim maintained it was against her will while Greijack said it was consensual.

A more serious charge of second-degree rape was dismissed in March when the plea was taken to the fourth-degree sex offense.

"There must be punishment and restitution ... he has caused harm," said Judge Frederick Wright to a packed courtroom gallery Thursday.

The judge, prosecutor and defense attorney each remarked that the incident and its aftermath have harmed a lot of people.

Greijack is the son of Gateway Ministries's senior pastor, Alan Greijack.

"I'm not so sure it's easy to be the preacher's kid," defense attorney John Corderman said. "But Michael's behavior here was neither lawful, nor biblical nor scriptural."

Reading from written notes, Michael Greijack apologized to the victim and her family, asking their forgiveness.

But he said that even though he was wrong, the encounter was consensual. "I am not a rapist ... I didn't force her into that back seat," he said.

Pointing out that the defendant is 6 feet tall and the victim barely 5 feet tall, Wright said Michael Greijack's past behavior was a factor in the sentence.

"While he has no criminal record, he has 10 traffic violations and two failures to appear in court, which show a disregard for the law," Wright said.

The fact that Michael Greijack had fathered a child out of wedlock also figured into the sentence, Wright said.

The victim said in court she didn't tell anyone about the incident for months because she was told it was her fault and it would hurt the church if she told.

Charges were filed in April 2000.

Corderman countered that when the girl's parents learned of the incident, they were asked if they wanted the authorities contacted and they said no.

"Lies ... lies," yelled the girl's father, prompting Wright to threaten to have him removed if there was another outburst.

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