Mail Call for 5/10

May 11, 2001

Mail Call for 5/10

"I am calling about the Methadone Clinic coming to Hagerstown. The point is, we already have one of those clinics in Frederick. We don't need one of those clinic in this town. It has no business in Hagerstown. If they need the methadone, let them go to the one in Frederick."

"I heard many people say that they don't go to the Suns games because they are no longer an Orioles team. Where were all the people who said that on Thursday night when they played the Orioles team. I hope you will come out for the next ones that we play with them."

"I agree with the lady who wrote the letter to the editor and another person who commented in Mail Call about funds being taken out of Social Security. If we have a surplus, those funds should be put back for the baby boomers. I am going to write to my senators about this."


- Williamsport

"I believe that this whole story about Schools Superintendent Herman Bartlett is wrong. He has tramped on some toes and then the action began against him was to cover the board's tracks. Mr. Bartlett is a man of integrity so he walked away. What is the action against him, what has he really done? Nobody has really said."

"The best way to keep squirrels and ground hogs out of the gardens is to use our rights that God gave us, to have dominion over all the wild beast."

"In response to the negative comments made about the issues at Colonial Park. Yes, it is a very nice development to live in. To those people who have lived there a long time and especially the person who said that they lived there for over 28 years, I commend you. I don't think it is funny when people respond with nasty comments, about knowing what tweezers are, no but we do expect that firecrackers don't get set off in the middle of the night and that grass doesn't get mowed before a reasonable time on the weekends. If you come to the newer part of Colonial Park, you will see that quite a few homes are for sale because some people cannot be respectful. You shouldn't take for granted that just because you lived in the old part for over 28 years that the new part is as nice as the old part."

"Why are people allowed to have their grass blow out into the middle of the street when mowing? They should have bags on them. It makes it look terrible."

"I too used to have groundhogs in my garden and ever since I put up no trespassing sign, I haven't seen them since."

"We went to the park on Friday and it was disgusting to see a dog running loose without a lease and the owner letting it run around the park, letting its business around on the ground. If that animal bites someone, that person could be in trouble. I thought there was a leash law? I read about it in Berkeley County. Get after these people who let their dogs run around with no leash. Someone needs to check into this City Park thing because there are a lot of people that go to the park and we are supposed to be safe and be able to sit at a picnic table and eat. Someone could get sick because the dogs droppings are right at the picnic tables and where the kids play."

"I lost two gold chain bracelets Wednesday in the EJ Fennel Building's parking lot on Antietam Street. If found, call me at 301-733-3434."

"I have to respond to the Mail Call about the firecrackers in Colonial Park. Whoever wrote that in, must in the Colonial Park East because if you lived in the older end, you wouldn't hear all that stuff. I think it is mostly kids and some adults because we don't have that in the older part behind the Bowling Alley. We never have any noise and everyone is everybody's friend. Clean it up over there in the new part."

"If superintendent Bartlett is not attending the school functions and the meetings, why is he still being paid a salary? Certainly, why does he deserve a $35,000 buy back for next year's pay? It doesn't sound right to me."

"I am calling about how to get rid of the ground hogs. Put moth balls down in their burrows."

"I would like to know who the gentleman who saved my life on April 13, I had a used lawnmower in my yard for sale. He came to the door because he was interested in buying it. I came to the door and I was incoherent, didn't make sense and sweating profusely. I was alone. He knew something was wrong with me, so he went next door, which is my brother and told him that I might be sick. My brother came down to check on me, but by that time I was already unconscience. So my brother Russell got help for me and he called my son and daughter-in-law, Bill and Donna. My name is Elma. I live on Jefferson Boulevard in Smithsburg. My number is 301-824-7580."

"How can a parent or grandmother have a child on welfare and collect child support from a father at the same time. Then take in two other children to collect welfare. These children are pushed from one person to another. No one wants to keep them, but the welfare money looks good. Our tax dollars do this and the children suffer."

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