Candidates report campaign contributions

May 10, 2001

Candidates report campaign contributions

Hagerstown mayoral candidates

William M. Breichner, Democrat

Helen and Herbert Bussard, Hagerstown, $50.

Betty Stottlemyer, Williamsport, $200.

John Ziegler, Hagerstown, $1.

Julian Oliver, Jr., Falling Waters, W.Va., $200.

Richard McCleary, Williamsport, $500.

Jack Shackelford, Hagerstown, $100.

Louise Beachley, Hagerstown, $25.

Fred Decker, Hagerstown, $100.

Howard Bowen, Hagerstown, $100.


William M. Breichner, Hagerstown, $1,300.

Hugh and Rayette Schindel, Hagerstown, $250.

Alan Noia, Boonsboro, $100.

Rocky Spring Farm/John S. Shank, Hagerstown, $50.

David K. Poole, Jr., Hagerstown, $100.

South County Democratic Club, Boonsboro, $300.

Thomas and Dorothy Cochrane, Hagerstown, $50.

Jack B. Byers, Hagerstown, $50.

Christopher B. Shank, Hagerstown, $50.

Marjorie and Richard Grumbacher, Hagerstown, $100.

Spence W. Perry, Hagerstown, $100.

R. Thomas Hoff, Sr., Clarksburg, Md., $100.

Schmankerl Stube, Hagerstown, $200.

Total receipts - $4,276

Robert E. Bruchey II, Republican, incumbent

Richardson's Restaurant, Hagerstown, $100 (in-kind).

A & J Realty Corporation, Hagerstown $200.

Hagerstown Ford, Hagerstown, $300.

M'Chaieh, Boonsboro, $250.

Vincent Groh, Hagerstown, $500.

Silverman Companies, LLC, Rockville, Md., $1,000.

Kelli Flook, Hagerstown, $25.

The Traffic Group, Baltimore, $200.

Petrie Ventures, Inc., Annapolis, $2,000.

Sevad Inc. t/a Summerland Manor, Hagerstown, $250.

St. James Corp., Hagerstown, $250.

Dorsky Hodgson Partners, Cleveland, Ohio, $500.

Richard McCleary, Williamsport, $500.

Tischer Surety Inc., Hagerstown, $250.

Paul Muldowney, Hagerstown, $150.

Olde Town Holding Co., Berkeley Springs, W.Va., $50.

Myers Building System, Clear Spring, $500.

Partners In Pediatrics, Hagerstown, $25.

Richard W. West, Hagerstown, $100.

James W. Stone, Hagerstown, $200.

Olbo Corp, Hagerstown, $350.

Richard F. Trump, Hagerstown, $100.

Richard Hopkins, Hagerstown, $500.

David Rider Cont., Hagerstown, $168.28 (in-kind).

Glen Alexander, Silver Spring, Md., $500 (in-kind).

John Jennings, Hagerstown, $440 (in-kind).

Vicki Bodnar, Hagerstown, $440 (in-kind).

Ted Bodnar, Hagerstown, $750 (in-kind).

Total receipts - $10,598.28

Hagerstown City Council candidates

Kristin B. Aleshire, Democrat

Richard and Cheryl Aleshire, Hagerstown, $800.

Victoria K. Bodnar, Republican

Theodore F. Bodnar, Hagerstown, $180.

George Anikis, Fairplay, $100.

Florence Riedsel, Hagerstown, $50.

Silverman Companies, Rockville, Md., $100.

Robert Welles Hershey, Hagerstown, $100.

A&J Realty Corp., Hagerstown, $100.

Moller Apartments, Hagerstown, $150.

Winifred Knott, Alexandria, Va., $100.

James Brookett, Arlington, Va., $100.

Richard Hopkins, Hagerstown, $100.

Sevad, Inc. t/a Summerland Manor, Hagerstown, $300.

Glen Alexander, Silver Spring, Md., $500 (in-kind).

Theodore F. Bodnar, Hagerstown, $1,000 (loan).

Total receipts - $2,880

Richard G. Everhart

Vince Dellaposta, Hagerstown, $200.

Homer and Mickey Myers, Smithsburg, $25.

Daryl Sword, Hagerstown, $100.

Somerville Nicholson, Fairplay, Md., $100.

Budget Printing Center, Hagerstown, $62.60 (in-kind).

Herman G. Hartman, Hagerstown, $20.

West Family, Hagerstown, $20.

H. Mark Swain, Williamsport, $100.

John P. Corderman, Hagerstown, $100.

Ralph Wachter, Hagerstown, $25.

Betty Smith, Hagerstown, $25.

William Donaldson, Hagerstown, $50.

James Kraus, Hagerstown, $20.

Fred R. Rohrer, Hagerstown, $25.

Edwin J. Carl, Hagerstown, $20.

Harry C. Snook, Hagerstown, $20.

Friends of Donald Munson, Boonsboro, $100.

Mr. W. Park, Hagerstown, $35.

Gregory Bannon, Hagerstown, $100.

Terrance Holderby, Hagerstown, $25.

R. Rankin, Hagerstown, $100.

Eric Rosenthal, Hagerstown, $5.

Scott Shifler, Maugansville, $50.

Bruce Poole, Hagerstown, $50.

Charlene Gearhart, Hagerstown, $50.

R. L. Coss, Hagerstown, $50.

Olde Town Holding Co., Berkeley Springs, W.Va., $50.

Floyd Kline, Hagerstown, $100.

Wayne Litton, Hagerstown, $200.

Lee Downey, Williamsport, $15.

Total receipts - $1,842.60

N. Linn Hendershot, Democrat

William Beard, Hagerstown, $50.

Don Bard Associates, Columbia, Md., $50.

Perini Services, Inc., Hagerstown, $200.

Magnolia Management Inc., Hagerstown, $200.

David E. Brown, Gaithersburg, Md., $25.

Furman Films, Venice, Calif., $500.

Americans With Disabilities Assoc., Lilburn, Ga., $200.

Cynthia L. Perini, Hagerstown, $100.

Hendershot Financial Group Inc., Rockville, Md., $500.

William C. France, Daytona Beach, Fla., $500.

James C. France, Daytona Beach, Fla., $500.

N. Linn Hendershot, Hagerstown, $500.

Paul Swartz, Maugansville, $100.

Evelyn Hendershot, Warfordsburg, Pa., $300.

Daniel Spedden, Hagerstown, $100.

Total receipts - $3,825

Carol N. Moller, Republican

Jim Strine, Hagerstown, $100.

Pat O'Brien, Hagerstown, $100.

Donald Beaver, Hagerstown, $100.

Robert W. Startzman, Hagerstown, $100.

John Shank, Hagerstown, $50.

The Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant, Hagerstown, $200.

Robert Bowen, Hagerstown, $50.

Hilton C. Smith, Hagerstown, $100.

Robert Cochran, Hagerstown, $20.

Howard Bowen, c/o Ewing Oil, Hagerstown, $100.

John Waltersdorf, Hagerstown, $200.

Donald Bowman, Williamsport, $200.

John Corderman, Hagerstown, $100.

Hildegarde Pollard, Hagerstown, $100.

W. Weir Pollard, Hagerstown, $100.

Vincent Groh, Hagerstown, $250.

Louis Tiches, Smithsburg, $100.

Robert Lyles, Hagerstown, $200.

Carol N. Moller, Hagerstown, $1949.42 (loan).

Total receipts - $4,119.42

Penny May Nigh, Democrat

Florence and Steve Riedesel, Hagerstown, $65.

Robert Nigh, Hagerstown, $100.

Larry Swartz, Hagerstown, $100.

Edwin and Joyce Nigh, Falling Waters, W.Va., $200.

Robert Poole, Hagerstown, $20.

Charles Henson, Hagerstown, $100.

Terry and Vicki Karn, Sharpsburg, Md., $25.

Terry W. Heffner, Jefferson, Md. $100.

Robert Hershey, Hagerstown, $100.

Dr. P. Mark Divelbiss, Smithsburg, $100.

Merle Wiles, Hagerstown, $25.

A & J Realty, Hagerstown, $100.

Total receipts - $1,035

Source: Washington County Election Board records.

-- Loans are repaid by a candidate's campaign account.

-- In-kind contributions are donations other than cash, such as the value of services or materials given to a campaign.

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