MCTC cites employees for outstanding service

May 09, 2001

MCTC cites employees for outstanding service

MCTC honorees


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Pictured from left are MCTC employees singled out for honors: Mark Trovinger, Linda Williamson, Terry Henson, Ronald Reese, Sharon Rucker, Thomas Nittenger, and Allyn Forsythe. Not pictured are Ricky Lovett and Employee of the Year Sherwood E. Witmer.

Excellence and loyalty were recognized recently by the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association as a number of employees at the Maryland Correctional Training Center were singled out for honors.

MCAA Employee of the Year

Sherwood E. Witmer

Witmer has been employed at the Maryland Correctional Training Center since 1990 and became a correctional supply officer in 1992. His responsibilities include procuring and distributing clothing and bedding to a population of approximately 3,000 inmates. He also supervises the repair of clothing and mattresses.


Sherwood was Employee of the Month in February 1996 as well as Employee of the Year for 1996 and has received an outstanding evaluation for 2001. He has perfect attendance for five years and has donated more than 460 hours of leave to fellow employees.

Terry Henson

Henson, Correctional Officer II, 8 to 4 shift is a 16-year veteran of the Division of Correction. During the previous three years, he has been assigned to Housing Unit 3 unit team.

Henson was key in the assimilation of 150 inmates from MCI-Jessup to MCTC. Many of these inmates had serious disciplinary histories and gang affiliations. In conjunction with his unit team staff, Henson's efforts resulted in a secure transition of those inmates to the MCTC operation.

Ronald Reese

Throughout his 16 years at MCTC, Reese, Correctional Officer II, 12 to 8 shift, has demonstrated strong security and communication skills. He is assigned to the support services unit team, which handles relief and mass movement on the compound as well as the secure processing of inmate transfers to and from MCTC. Reese functions as officer-in-charge of the support service team in the absence of the team sergeant.

Mark Trovinger

Trovinger,Correctional Officer II, 4 to 12 shift, has been employed by the Division of Correction since 1989. He has spent his career on the 4 to 12 shift at MCTC. He is assigned to the support services unit team, which handles relief and mass movements on the compound to include chow lines and recreation. Trovinger is a member of the MCTC Tactical Unit and has had perfect attendance for nine of his 11 years of service.

To share his skills with new officers, Trovinger has been selected as a field training officer for MCTC's recently implemented Field Training Program.

Allyn Forsythe

In addition to handling the many routine plumbing tasks at MCTC, Forsythe, Correctional Maintenance Officer II (Plumber), is always there in an emergency situation and for any calls for plumbing problems.

He is also back-up for regional maintenance and handles 24-hour emergency maintenance on cell doors within the institution. During the absence of our second plumber, Forsythe handled all plumbing problems.

Forsythe has coached football with Washington County Junior League, volunteered with the Halfway Little League in T-ball and minor league and the Williamsport Wrestling Club.

Ricky Lovett

Lovett, Correctional Dietary Officer II, transferred from Western Maryland Center in May 1989 and began Division of Correction employment. He ensures proper meal preparation for 3,000 inmates housed at MCTC.

Lovett is involved in routine security checks throughout the Food Service Department, preventing the concealment of potentially dangerous weapons or abuse of expensive kitchen equipment. He trains fellow food service workers in Correctional Food Service guidelines.

Lovett volunteers to work during staffing shortages and is concerned with giving 100 percent effort when assigned to any preparation or service post assignments.

Thomas Nittenger

Nittenger, Case Management Specialist, is a case management specialist who handles a caseload of approximately 200 inmates. He plays a critical role in identifying "sensitive" cases and assures the Division of Correction is in compliance with established laws. He is a certified trainer, assists in the release process and takes a proactive approach when handling critical situations.

He has been a Maryland state employee for 17 years and began working at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in September 1995. In the community, Nittenger is an official for the Frederick County High School Football League.

He coaches in the Boonsboro Soccer League for children age 6 and under and is a blood donor for the American Red Cross. Nittenger resides with his wife and two children in Boonsboro.

Sharon Rucker

Rucker, Volunteer Activities Coordinator, has been employed as a volunteer activities coordinator since February 1985. She has been a VAC at all three institutions in the Hagerstown prison complex.

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