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May 08, 2001

Letters to the Editor 5/7

Support Bush tax plan

To the editor:

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on President Bush's tax proposals soon after the Senate returns from its spring recess. All taxpayers in Maryland should write our U.S. Senators and urge them to support Bush's tax relief package because it will strengthen the economy and provide job security for workers.

President Bush's tax relief proposals would lay the foundation for job and economic growth in this country. At a time when the economy appears to be slowing down, tax relief is needed to stimulate growth. The individual rate reduction, at the heart of the proposal, would give working Americans more of their hard earned dollars to spend or invest as they choose.

Repeal of the "death" tax - another key component of Bush's plan - would help restore the long term strength of the American Family business, which has been under duress as a result of the current tax structure. The death tax has long been a threat to family-owned construction companies and the jobs they provide. Death taxes not only jeopardize the survival of family-owned construction companies, they also divert funds to estate planning costs that could be invested in the business and its employees.


President Bush's plan would be good for our nation's economy. As businesses prosper and job security is strengthened, all Americans benefit. However, some members of the Senate are not yet fully supportive of these common-sense tax refund proposals. Write or call our senators today and tell them to support our president.

William Valentine

Cumberland, Md.

Support the workers

To the editor:

There are a host of valuable assets in the Morgan County school system that often get overlooked. The host of service personnel who daily make all the preparations for our schools and transportation possible need to be recognized as well as the teaching staff.

If not for the service personnel , who would prepare the lunches, clean the building, transport our children to and from school, and repair the broken things in all the schools? These are a few reasons why this group is such a valuable asset to the county. The students, faculty, and administration as well as the general public are thankful for these personnel and their dedication in making Morgan County schools a more positive learning environment.

The service personnel of the state of West Virginia provide a function that we cannot afford to be without. In our letters to the lawmakers this year we need to ask the governor and all the lawmakers to find funding to give these employees an increase in salary as a token of their dedicated service. Not only does this group deserve a pay raise, so does the host of men and women who serve our state in other capacities. Such as the highway department, state police, and many other state agency employees who serve our state daily with pride in West Virginia. The reason I believe school support personnel are a valuable asset is because the teachers could not perform the duties placed on them without this support group, which provides us with clean schools daily. We must not forget the valuable asset that our state police and state highway workers are to all citizens as they labor 24 hours a day, seven days a week when called upon. The highway workers prepare the way so that we can have safe roads to travel when the first spit of snow hits the ground.

Our state police provide us with protection year round and make our county a safer place to live. For all of these service personnel, we are most thankful for their service to the state and to the county. When you see these valuable people be sure to compliment them and thank them for their service for us. Often they have a thankless job, which should not be overlooked.

We have many county service personnel who keep this county flowing on a daily basis and without them we as county residents would feel the impact. Be sure to encourage each of them as they provide services for our county making them a valuable asset to all of us. I support these workers and I want to see them be able to continue to provide us the services that we need. It can be done, but we cannot afford to train them only to lose them to another county or state because of salary deficiencies.

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W,Va.

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