University of Maryland to review plans

May 03, 2001

University of Maryland to review plans


The University System of Maryland will take a closer look at the cost and structure of its planned education center at the Baldwin House complex, but the review will not necessarily result in a higher cost estimate, according to a spokesman.


Information from the review will be given to companies planning to bid on the contract to design and build the campus, said Chris Hart, a spokesman for the University System of Maryland. Having the same company do both design and construction work could save time and money, he said.

The new information will be available by this summer, he said.

A new cost estimate does not mean the cost will go up from the current estimate of $13.3 million, Hart said. It means that as plans progress, the system wants to make sure it has a reliable estimate, he said.


"We want to start with an accurate cost," he said.

Hart would not disclose the name of the Maryland engineering firm the system plans to use to perform the new review because the contract with that firm is not final.

Besides a new cost estimate, Hart said the firm would produce:

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> Drawings detailing exact measurements inside the complex. The overheard view will show, for example, the measurements and locations of all wiring, plumbing, and measurements of rooms and ceilings.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> A more detailed structural analysis to identify interim repairs needed at the complex.

HEIGHT="6" ALT="* "> A schematic design, which shows the final plans for the project.

This new review will be the second structural analysis review for the campus, but will produce a more detailed report. The first report was released last June.

In that report, an engineering firm recommended demolishing the Baldwin Hotel. The state rejected that report, however, primarily because the firm did not take into account the historical significance of the building.

The first report was by prepared by Whitney Bailey Cox Magnni, consulting engineers from Baltimore. That report cost $80,000, which was split between the city of Hagerstown and the Washington County Commissioners.

The state so far has released only $870,000 of $13.3 million for the project. Asbestos work on the project will move forward on schedule this fall.

State officials say the school is still scheduled to open in fall 2003.

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