Hedgesville council, citizens battle over condition of road

May 03, 2001

Hedgesville council, citizens battle over condition of road

By DAVE McMILLION / Staff Writer, Charles Town

A Hedgesville Town Council meeting turned into a shouting match Wednesday night as town officials and residents argued over how a street should be upgraded.

At issue was John Street, a narrow road that leads to the recently developed Elk Branch subdivision. The problem is the road is not wide enough for two cars to travel on at a time, said Mayor Mary Beth Good.

The town has put up a sign on John Street saying the road may be temporarily closed, Good said. The town wants Elk Run residents to use another road, Conrad Street, when entering town.

Residents complain that Conrad Street is not fit for travel because it's a rough gravel road that has deep ruts.

Cheryl Young told town council members Wednesday night they should be able to afford to pave Conrad Street.


Ron Good, the town's recorder, said he believes the developer of Elk Run should pay for the road upgrades.

Besides the condition of Conrad Street, Lisa Dittman said she does not believe emergency vehicles such as fire trucks would be able to maneuver around tight turns in the area around John and Conrad streets.

"Did you ask your Realtor about that when you bought the property?" asked council member Dennis Donaldson.

That's when the yelling started.

"What kind of response is that to a person?" responded Dittman.

Good then stopped the citizen input session.

"That's enough. We can't be here all night screaming at each other," Good said.

Young said it does not make sense to her why the town will not upgrade Conrad Street because the town has paved other streets in town that are not used as much.

Young told council members to "get off your little duffs and do it."

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