Nurses play Jeopardy!

May 02, 2001

Nurses play Jeopardy!


Fleenor hosts nurse 'Jeopary!'Photo: KEVIN G. GILBERT / staff photographer

When the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals arrives in Hagerstown May 14, the staff at Washington County Hospital will be ready, thanks to "Jeopardy."

Instead of hours of dull cramming, Mary Towe, director of nursing, and Amy Farmer, clinical director of the operating rooms, hit upon the idea of quizzing the staff along the lines of the hit television show.

And who better to portray Alex Trebek than Bob Fleenor, a Herald-Mail editor who recently became a five-time champ on the show, winning $55,700 and two cars.


Three teams of nurse managers and department heads gathered in Dorsey Hall Tuesday afternoon to test their knowledge.

Categories included safety, procedures, infractions, mission statements, protocols, regulations and other areas where accreditation evaluators will critique the staff during the weeklong visit that begins in two weeks.

Fleenor reminded all the players that they needed to phrase their answers in the form of a question.

"If you don't phrase in the form of a question, the guy with the mustache in the $2,000 suit will let you know," Fleenor said, referring to Trebek.

The buzzers were tap lights, and a team of judges had to rule which team member waited until Fleenor finished reading the answer before tapping in.

The judges were also tough when it came to ruling on whether a question was complete and accurate.

Winners usually had pieces of hard candy thrown in their direction. Losers got squirted with a water pistol.

The final jeopardy answer was about WCH policies.

"Mother, father, adult child, older sibling, etc." was the answer.

The correct question was: "Who can give consent for a medical procedure or who can have power of attorney?"

When all was said and done, Team V won, and each team member received a pack of glitter pens. But Team P and Team T both made good showings.

Team P was Judy Abrams, Lisa Groves, Jennie Divelbiss, Heather Mitchell, Susan Lyons, Lorna Thomas, Sara Snyder and Veffa Devers.

Team T was Donna Gruber, Sharon Etter, Sue Raley, Pam Johnson, Lori Dellinger, Carole Feigley and Fran Cordell.

The winning team, Team V, was Connie Eichelberger, Jody Bishop, Sheree Sheridan, Brett Kane, Deb Rush, Staci Moser and Ruth Gallion.

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