Meet the candidates - Lewis Metzner

May 02, 2001

Meet the candidates - Lewis Metzner

Lewis C. Metzner

Age: 48

Address: 322 E. Irvin Ave.

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Council member since 1994. Lawyer specializing in divorce and criminal defense cases

On the Issues

- Wants "controlled growth." Opposed a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter for Edgewood Drive and a requested rezoning for residential property downtown.

- Supports parking and open space plan for a planned state university center downtown.

- Supports redevelopment of Fairgrounds Park.

- Supports city funding for Community Rescue Service.

- Promised to raise and spend no money in the current campaign.

"It will never be an issue of me being beholden to anyone. And in a municipal election held like this, the people coming to vote know where the candidates stand. They are not swayed by signs or bumper stickers," he said.


- Supports city funding for a new minor league baseball stadium.

"Look at the city over the last seven years. I hope citizens see substantial improvement. My platform is for that to continue."

Tomorrow: Carol N. Moller

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