Election profile, Penny May Nigh

May 01, 2001

Meet the candidates - Penny May Nigh

Penny May Nigh

Age: 53

Address: 634 N. Mulberry St.

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Housewife

On the issues

- Supports hiring more police officers.

- Calling for a public forum with city elected and appointed officials to find ways to attack the crime problem.

- Wants more frequent police patrols or a caretaker for Fairgrounds Park.

- Supports increasing funding overall for the city Police Department.

- Supports a city subsidy for Community Rescue Service.

- Supports some city funding for a new minor league baseball stadium, contingent on a long-term commitment from the team owner and significant private funding.


"The city needs change. We have lots of problems with drugs and crime. ... We need more police. That's the bottom line."

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