Mail Call for 4/27

April 30, 2001
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"I am responding to the person who wanted to find out about a more traditional Catholic Church in Hagerstown. That would be St. Mary's in downtown. The 8 a.m. service is the one that is the most traditional you will get."

"To the Catholic who wanted a more traditional church. Go to St. Mary's on West Washington Street. St. Ann's in the North End is really modern."

"To the person who called in and said about the garbage sitting out before it is supposed to. All you have to do is call the Code Enforcement Officer at City Hall, his name is Marc. He will come down to the resident and give them a warning and if they do it again, they will be fined. I know, because I did it before."

"I think that CVS Pharmacy would be making a big mistake if they are going to move from Long Meadow Shopping Center, across the street to that corner. The traffic at the intersection is horrendous. I don't see how you can possibly get in and out of there safely."


"To the people who left messages in Mail Call for me when I asked where I could find the discount HersheyPark tickets. Thanks very much, you are well appreciated."

"In the State of Maryland, what is the fine for not having a front tag on your car? Some even have them on their dash. I have seen about 100 vehicles in the past 10 hours without any front tags. Some have plastic over the tag and you can't even see the tag number."

"This is giving thanks. Yes, there are still some kind and decent people left on this earth. I have a long list of medicine, for health reasons that I carry with me, plus my doctor's name and who to contact if something happened to me. I also had some pictures of my dear departed mother, my guardian angel. Somehow or somewhere I lost them and some kind person mailed them back to me. The pictures I could have never replaced. Whoever you are, may I say thanks and God bless you."


"This is information is for football fans in the area, college football fans in particular. This Saturday, April 28, the University of Maryland will have its annual spring Red and White game at College Park. The game and parking is free and the starting time is 4 p.m. Everybody is welcome."

"I wanted to thank my aunt Kim and Renelle for being there for me and letting me stay at their house while my dad is gone. I love you guys."

"This is for Roy that keeps the lot clean at Central City Liquors and helps customers out to their cars with their purchases. You are doing a great job, keep it up Roy. You are a very nice man."

"To the person who called about an old fashioned Catholic Church. The closest one I could find is St. Marks Evangelist Church in Greencastle. We go up there and we are residents of Maryland."

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