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April 30, 2001

Letters to the Editor 4/29

For Mayor, Bob Bruchey's the best

To the editor:

In the Hagerstown Mayor's race, it is clear that Bob Bruchey is the best choice. At least Bruchey has a plan in place for the city and is willing to work at getting things done even if he does ruffle a few feathers on occasion. His challenger by his own admission in a letter to the editor recently stated that he is just now developing a plan of action for the city.

I think we, must absolutely demand a little more energy and enthusiasm in the person we elect mayor than a man who after 45 years in the city's employ, the last 12 as a City Councilman, is just now getting around to looking at the city's problems and developing a plan. I seem to remember reading or hearing something about this man's much-touted, low-key (slow key) approach to urgent matters being the reason he was fired by a previous Council when he was City Administrator.


No wonder we have a drug problem in the city. Until Mayor Bruchey came along, the police had no support from the elected officials that a problem even existed. Now we know why. Because "the plan" is only now being developed. Thanks, but no thanks. A day late and a dollar short isn't much of a plan!

Mayor Bruchey has made a difference during his first four year term. He hasn't done anything terribly wrong, except being a personal thorn in the side of our local State Senator - if that's wrong.

In this particular case Mayor Bruchey was standing up for the city when the State Senator who represents Hagerstown had bailed out.

Bruchey has accomplished more in four years for the city's economic revitalization than had been accomplished in the previous twelve. I think he has earned his re-election for another four years to complete the job he got started.

Paul Muldowney


Can you help me with my school project on Hagerstown?

To the editor:

My name is Chantelle Sherwin. In my fifth grade class we are doing a sate report and I will be doing my project on Maryland. The project is due at the end of May and it will cover such topics as famous people from Hagerstown and Maryland, your special state traditions and the history of Hagerstown and Maryland.

I am hoping that some of the members of your community would write to me and tell me about their experiences and traditions in Hagerstown.

I would even enjoy it if they would share their favorite recipes with me. Also, if any of the citizens find time to reply, it would be great if they could enclose a copy of my "published" letter.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my letter. Any information would be appreciated.

Chantelle Sherwin

La Madera School

25350 Serrano Rd.

Lake Forest, Cal., 92630

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