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Letters to the Editor 4/28

April 30, 2001

Letters to the Editor 4/28

Why we're still obsessed

To the editor:

I recently read the opinion article by Cynthia Shank in the March 18 issue of your paper concerning obsessed Clinton haters. I am compelled to respond to Shank's letter in hopes of enlightening her as to the real facts during the Clinton years.

First, it is common economic knowledge that a sitting president has an approximately 11 percent effect on the economy. The remaining influences can be attributed to Congress, the Federal Reserve and most importantly, to the small businesses in America who employ the majority of workers.

Shank is fortunate to have benefited financially over the past eight years. However, she should thank the small entrepreneur. Clinton was "just there" through eight years of economic growth.


History has shown that economic recessions are cyclic in nature, occurring every eight to ten years. Again, Clinton was "just there" through eight years of prosperity. Does Shank believe that the present economic slowdown is a result of a Republican being elected president?

This slowdown began several years into Clifton's second term. As usual, he "got out of town just in time."

Shank stated that the federal bureaucracy has been reduced during the Clinton years. Does she realize that, in fact, despite Clinton's promise to reduce the size of government, he, in fact, created several more departments of government?

Clinton promised to have the "most ethical cabinet in history." Fact: 17 of his staff have either been indicted or incarcerated.

Shank must not realize that we already have an Alaskan pipeline which was constructed to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. Why then has Clinton policies allowed the export of this oil at the expense of our national need for energy? Additionally, technology today allows exploration for oil with little to no impact on the environment or animal life.

Shank stated that the Republicans should spend more time and resources on development of new renewable energy sources. My question here is where has Clinton been for eight years? Surely, he should bear some responsibility for not pursuing these avenues.

Shank is of the opinion that accomplishments should take precedence over a president's personal life. I, like the majority of Americans, feel that the person who occupies the office of president should possess integrity, high moral standards, honesty and discipline.

Our president is looked to by other nations for leadership. Clinton has demonstrated through his actions that he lacks all of these qualities.

He has perjured himself, is the only sitting president to be impeached, lied to the American people and sold his influence for personal gain. Do these actions warrant the respect due someone who held the highest office in the land?

Thankfully, President George Bush has restored a sense of honesty, integrity and the hard work ethic to the office of President. I wish him and his cabinet God's speed in resolving the many problems facing this great nation.

Clinton's legacy will show him for what he really is. Unfortunately censorship will not allow me to elaborate on this further.

All of you Clinton nonbashers...take off your blinders!

John Huff

Front Royal, Va.

A way to freedom

To the editor:

The resurrection story is as ever prevalent today as it was 2001 years ago. People still struggle basically with the same problems as then. The life that the Lord Jesus Christ came to demonstrate to his children was one of holy unselfish love so we could try to imitate his love.

Today many people have constructed even stronger tombs to keep themselves in bondage. And as much as they search and come up empty and unfulfilled, they will keep searching. But if they have found the living resurrected Christ. their search is over. Look no further because they have hit the target of life and have arrived at what their hearts were made for. Christ alone has the sheet music for our lives, to play the perfect symphony for our complete happiness.

No matter where a person is nailed to a cross the shed blood of the risen Christ frees them and gives them so much happiness and hope that they can say: Come out of your tombs!

Jesus Christ loves you and he cared enough for you to die for you. He is the king of kings and the son of the most high God and he is risen.

He is risen indeed.

Dorothy Panettiere


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