Meet the candidates - Richard Everhart

April 26, 2001

Meet the candidates - Richard Everhart

Richard G. Everhart

Age: 59

Address: 30 Richmond St.

Party: Republican

Occupation: Sales representative at Milmar Plastics

On the issues:

- Opposes raising taxes.

- Opposes city funding for a new Hagerstown baseball stadium, but would support some spending on improvements to the city's Municipal Stadium.

- Supports hiring a city recruiter to bring new businesses to the city.

- Opposes city involvement in real estate, but supports the city's Single Family Homeownership Program, under which the city buys, renovates and then resells homes.


- Supports increasing pay for city police officers.

- Supports a $4.4 million plan to create more parking and open space around a planned downtown state university center. But he says the state should pay for the project.

- Supports redevelopment at Hagerstown's Fairgrounds Park.

"I have worked for the Republican Party for a long time and I have seen a lot of things happen. I want to see the city continue to prosper like it should."

Tomorrow: N. Linn Hendershot

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