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Letters to the Editor 4/24

April 23, 2001

Letters to the Editor 4/24

Let's talk CO2

To the editor:

Based on Steve Specht's letter of April 15, I believe that his solution for reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from power plants is sufficiently interesting that I have invited him to lunch at a local restaurant at noon on Friday, April 27.

Further, I hereby invite three persons, who feel competent to join in a discussion of the matter, to be my guests. Please call me at 301-733-8808.

Robert Molten


Free will allows us to do wrong

To the editor:

In response to Arthur Keifer's letter, in which he asks why a God of love would allow sin and why preachers sometimes shout in their sermons, I humbly offer a few thoughts.


What kind of God would create man as a robot and program him to automatically obey like a brainless idiot? God didn't create us to be little playthings for His amusement. What injustice would be more terrible than to create man and give him no choice in the matter of obedience or rebellion? God lovingly created man with the ability to choose.

When we choose to obey, we are blessed and when we choose to disobey we suffer the consequences. When my children honor my parental guidance I rejoice, when they dishonor my loving guidance, then I am grieved.

You are right in that God is love, but in His love He gave us a free will. Jesus Christ was born to deliver us from the guilt, power and punishment of sin. His life is a perfect substitute for imperfect man. When we place our faith in His life, death and resurrection then we receive pardon, power for living and peace with God. And the reason preachers often shout while preaching is because it takes a loud voice to awaken a spiritually sleepy society.

You indicated in your letter that hellfire -and-brimstone preaching only produces fear and anxiety. Shouldn't we fear and have anxiety over people wasting their one precious life in sin while ignoring the grace of God?

I thank God that someone raised his voice in a sermon years ago and arrested my attention. Loud preaching doesn't vindicate true earnestness, but there are times when a preacher is so consumed with his message that it explodes from his innermost being.

Hey, if thousands of people can shout at baseball games and coaches can raise their voices on the sidelines, why not coach people from the pulpit with some holy zeal? If Jesus Christ were preaching today, I think you'd be very surprised. He preached on hell more than heaven and overturned tables in the temple due to His holy rage against people desacrating the place of worship.

May God give us some preachers like Jesus. Preachers who'll preach the truth and preach it straight!

John Miller, Pastor

Faith Christian Fellowship

Williamsport, Md.

News from Steamtown

To the editor:

The Polar Express at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton was again a great success for the third year in a row. It brought in families from all points of the compass.

A couple from Indiana was escorted through the shops where four big steam locomotives were being rebuilt. The gentleman told this writer if only he lived closer, he would become a shop volunteer, having spent most of his career working in a machine shop.

He was acquainted with the workings of most of the machines used to repair locomotives and coaches. That is typical of visitors who are amazed at how this complete former railroad facility was converted and enhanced for the public to see and appreciate firsthand.

The History and Technical museums with their interactive displays in operation, the roundhouse and the repair shops will continue to have daily scheduled tours. Steam excursions will resume in the spring, traveling 13 miles to Moscow in the Pocono Mountains.

Sherman Shook

Volunteer, car and locomotive shops

WilkesBarre, Pa.

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