Letters to the Editor 4/22

April 20, 2001

Letters to the Editor 4/22

Alfred C. Roth: One to remember

To the editor:

The obituary of Alfred C. Roth, Jr. appeared in the Herald-Mail on Saturday, March 7. For most of the time that I served as administrator president of Hagerstown Junior College, Al Roth was the Supervisor of Industrial, Vocational Education at the Board of Education.

So often in educational circles there existed the idea that if a student wasn't successful in the pursuit of the academic curriculum he or she could be directed to vocational courses. This was regarded as a lower-level program with lesser expectations. This, however, was not Roth's thinking.

He served on the advisory committee for the college and envisioned a continuum of courses that would enable a student to be graduated from high school and further his/her studies at the community college.


Locating the Vocational Technical Center on the campus was consistent with his thinking at the time. He wanted the more successful vocational students to become skilled technicians and to complete the associate degree.

It was a real struggle to establish the differentiation as well as to gain recognition for the value of more than secondary-level education to prepare for the many jobs that have become available in today's workplace.

He also saw the value of employees updating their skills and during the time when the public secondary schools and the community college were under the same board provision was made for a number of "adult education" courses.

When a separate Board of Trustees was named for the college, he agreed that such courses would be more appropriately offered at the college level. The scope of this program at the Hagerstown Community College today attests to the wisdom of his decision.

When the Career Studies Center (now the Washington County Technical High School) was moved to its own campus, Roth was helpful in redesigning the earlier facility so that the programs on the secondary level and at the community college would be complementary and compatible.

Al Roth was a real forerunner in the vocational/technical field and Washington County was fortunate to have his expertise.

Atlee C. Keyser

President Emeritus

Hagerstown Community College

School board, should shape up

To the editor:

What is going on with our schools and school board? Why are we hearing reports of "secret meetings" and intimidation of teachers and principals? This is not Germany in 1940.

Must I remind you that you are public officials and are responsible to me the taxpaying, and voting public. It is my children that I entrust to you daily to educate. How can they receive a quality education in an environment where teachers and principals are scared to speak to a parent?

I don't always get a chance to watch the board of education meetings. In the last one I watched the president of the Washington County PTA presented several complaints and Doris Nipps responded with a comment that basically said she only wanted to hear good news.

Mrs. Nipps, your attitude that night caused you to lose my vote the next time you are up for election. As elected officials you have a great responsibility and are expected to look out for our school system. You cannot do this by having secret meetings.

My main contact in this process is with my children and their teachers. I expect them to be able to carry on an open conversation with me, and yes, in this country they have the right to an opinion even if it disagrees with yours.

They even have a right and a responsibility to express those opinions to me if they feel that your decision is counter-productive to my child's education. I think that it is time for all of you on the Washington Board of Education, to go back to a government class and learn what "We the people." really means. After reading today''s Herald-Mail it is apparent that you have forgotten something about how public government is to conduct business in this country.

Diversity should be welcomed and compromise is often the best result.

Bob Jones


Linn Hendershot my pick for council

To the editor:

My name is Amber Grimm. I am in the fifth grade at Broadfording Christian Academy, My friend, Linn Hendershot, is running for Hagerstown City Council.

Don't you think the leaders in our city should be loving and caring people as well as smart and have a lot of experience in making good decisions? I know he is that type of person, as I volunteer with him in trying to make our comminity better for all poeple.

I hope you will think about voting for Mr. Hendershot as he listens not only to kids like me but to all people and he would make a diffrence in our city.

Please feel free to call him as he cares about our comunity. If my vote would count I would vote for Linn Hendershot.

Thank you for reading my letter and thank you Linn for taking time for kids, too and thank you for asking Marshall's to sponser an egg hunt this year for the kids. It was a great time for the kids, playing the games and hunting for eggs.

Amber Grimm

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