Mail Call for 4/18

April 18, 2001

Mail Call for 4/18

"To those people who keep wondering what spiral ham is. It is nothing new, it is something that has been around for years. It is the same price as regular ham. The only thing difference is, it is cut in a spiral. When you pick it up, it opens up like a spring. It is not any more expensive than any other type of ham you buy."

"To Kathy, who was in the accident on April 6 at Nottingham and West Washington. The black boxes that you see on top of the traffic lights are not cameras, they are for the emergency vehicles, so they can get through a green light."

"To all the opponents of the stadium in Hagerstown. You got your wish, next year you will be able to go over to the old stadium and watch the grass grow because there will be no team there. Another exciting thing for Washington County, watching the grass grow."


"I cannot see why the post office would like to make Saturday, non-mail day. Why don't we just e-mail everything to each other and that way, they can keep all the advertisements to themselves."

"To the person saying that there is no property tax in Florida: There is no income tax for retired people in Florida."

- Clear Spring

"To the person who wanted to know where to get an Orioles schedule. Call Oriole Park at Camden Yards, 410-685-9800, and they will send you as many as you want. I just called the other day and they are sending me five of them."

"To the person who answered the question about the spiral ham. I don't think you were a good person to answer that question since you don't know the answer either. They have been in the stores for years. A spiral ham is cut in spirals. That is why it is called a spiral ham. Get your facts straight before answering someone else's question."

"What has happened to the big American flag on Eastern Boulevard? It always looked so beautiful flying there."

"Wow, Quenesha Jackson, you did it again. Honor roll all the way, and gee whiz, how about all those perfect spelling tests, you haven't missed one yet. Keep doing your best and reading your books to Nanna, I love our time together and boy oh boy do I love you. From the proudest Nanna in the world."

"A few weeks ago someone called in and asked about churches with singles groups in their churches. We would like to have any of those people call back in to Mail Call because there is still a great need for this."

"I think the police are doing a great job in this area. But I do think that we need a bigger police presence in the West End from Marshall Street to Salem Avenue, over to Key Avenue and Daycotah. On the weekends, people are always speeding and racing. Many of them only have one license plate. Please control this area a little more on the weekends, to help clean this riff-raff up."

"In response to Mail Call about the tax in Florida. I think that the person talking about the property tax in Florida, I think they may have mixed up the state tax with the property tax. My sister lives there and I do think that they are talking about the state tax."

"I am calling to find out if anyone knows how to contact a physician without going through the office. I once had this one doctor as my doctor, but had to switch due to insurance change. However, my insurance changed back to his insurance. I called the doctor's office and the receptionist told me that once you leave, you couldn't switch back. However I have a friend that is a patient, she asked the doctor personally and he said yes that he would accept me back, but the receptionist is giving me a different story. Call me at 1-717-597-3435."

"Florida has no state income tax, perhaps the caller confused that with property tax. Texas has no state income tax. I am a member of a group that is trying to abolish the IRS and the Federal Income Tax. Call 1-800-FAIRTAX for free information. Join us, we are gaining momentum, but we need your help. Let's make April 15 just another day."

"The new Suns mascot, the woolly bear, is cute. I am curious because I have never seen a woolly bear with teeth before and he has a buck tooth."

"To the person who put in Mail Call about the Easter holiday. The answer to your question is, yes, I live for Him, too. I just wish there would be other people that would live for Him the way that we do. Someday everyone is going to need Him."


"Does anyone know if they are going to put a coffee shop where Dunkin Donuts used to be?"

"I want to wish Evans Crabtree Jr. a happy birthday on April 26 and a happy anniversary."

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