Gore cheers on son at St. James

April 18, 2001

Gore cheers on son at St. James


Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper were at St. James School Wednesday evening to watch their son, Albert III, play lacrosse for the Sidwell Friends School team.


Sidwell won the game 8-1.

Gore said he was impressed with St. James School and said both schools have good lacrosse teams.

"It is a good day for lacrosse," he said.

He spoke while standing in the wooden stands in front of the field.

He has returned to private life after losing his bid for the presidency to George W. Bush.

Gore said he and Tipper are writing a book about families and he is teaching classes at Columbia University.

"I am making a contribution in other ways," he said.


He said he has not decided whether he will return to public office.

If one didn't know he had been vice president, Gore, clad in cowboy boots, blue jeans and a brown jacket, would not have stood out in the crowd.

From the wooden stands, he shouted encouragement to the Sidwell team: "Let's go, Sidwell,!" "Way to go," "Good defense," and "Good save."

Few people went over to talk to him.

Frank Joyce, who lives in Washington, D.C., and has a child on the Sidwell team, was watching the game from a spot nearby.

It was no surprise that Gore was at St. James to watch his son play, because he attends all home and away games, Joyce said.

Two men watching the game said they were impressed but not surprised to see Gore at the game, cheering on his son's team.

"I think it's great. I understand he is a pretty good father," said Blackwell Davis, of Charles Town, W.Va.

"It is good to see him here supporting his son," said Kevin Ferdinand, a member of the St. James faculty.

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