Letters to the Editor 4/18

April 18, 2001

Letters to the Editor 4/18

Ten reasons for Hunt Field

To the editor:

Over the past several months a major public relations initiative has been underway to build public opinion for the proposed mega-development of Hunt Field. It may be helpful to summarize the top ten reasons to build Hunt Field:

#10 It will cure loneliness in Jefferson County. Everyone could use another friend. Having 12,000 more people in the county will give everyone a chance to expand their social circle.

#9 Downtown Charles Town needs more competition. The Wal-mart and other development have not stimulated a true competitive spirit in the down town business community. A "Charles Town Style" town center for Hunt Field may do the trick.


#8 Bulldozers are cool. The years of construction at Hunt Field will provide endless hours of enjoyment for the entire family. It is so much more interesting to watch construction equipment and to soak up the full sensory experience of dust, noise, and smells than to just drive by an empty field full of birds and plants!

#7 Jefferson County schools need more students. Our schools have plenty of room for more students. More students mean a bigger talent pool for sports and music competitions. More jostling in the corridors can hone that winning mindset!

#6 Emergency service response times are too low. Having more people for our fire, police and rescue workers to serve will make sure they will not become complacent.

#5 County taxes are too low. Paying for the infrastructure requirements of Hunt Field will finally raise Jefferson County taxes to be in line with the other jurisdictions in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area.

#4 House values are too high. People in Jefferson County have always wanted the ability to sell their existing homes for less than current market value.

Having 3,000 new houses to saturate the market and divert buyer interest into new construction over "used houses" is what everyone is clamoring for!

#3 There is too much history in the County. History is annoying. It limits growth options. It brings in scholars who ask way too many questions. It promotes nonproductive discussion relating to things that happened a long time ago. Hunt Field will eliminate several major historic sites so we can get on with living now and not in the past!

#2 There are too many tourists in the county. In one act, the county can send out a signal that we are now like every other place. That should finally put a stop to all those people who clutter our roads on weekends and compete with local citizens for antiques, bed & breakfast rooms and restaurant tables.

#1 Out-of-staters know what is best for us. In the public policy world of Jefferson County the views of anyone who has lived here less than 30 years is automatically tainted and discounted.

The only exceptions to this rule are those business people who have never lived in the county and never intend to. They surely have our long-term interests at heart!

Scot M. Faulkner

Bolivar Heights, W.Va.

Jail the criminals

To the editor:

You know every day all you read in the paper is about kids shooting other kids and old men molesting little girls. I would give up $25 each month of my Social Security check if everyone else would. The state could buy about 1,000 acres and build a prison, one side for kids and the other side for child molesters.

And let them take care of themselves no guards or employees to pamper them. Let them plant a garden and grow food - it will give them something to do.

They can raise beef and learn to butcher or starve to death. Put pit bulls around the complex and feed the pit bulls nothing but meat so if they try to escape, too bad, the next one will not try.

You know the little girls are not the only victims of these old men's behavior. Their wives suffer terribly too. I know of one woman who is too ashamed to even go to bingo with her old friends. This is a bad thing for the wives to handle. This poor woman was married 35 years and put her husband out the minute she was told. She divorced him before he went to court.

Now he has a mistress. He should have had a mistress before he molested a little girl. I never see these old men get jail time, only probation. My husband said that is because they would be someone's sweetie or beat to a pulp.

For every little girl molested by an old man there is an old lady's life shattered and forced to live a life of shame, although it was not her fault.

Vicki Morris


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