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April 18, 2001

Blast from the Past

Week of April 15, 1951

Three out of every four school children in Washington County need dental care, a survey of the State Department of Health indicates.

Officials said that flourine, due for addition to this county's water supply, would help the problem.

The bell atop City Hall and fire house bells will be rung Tuesday when Gen. Douglas MacArthur lands at San Francisco to "honor a great hero," Mayor Herman L. Mills announced today. He called for the sounding of whistles and bells by people in all walks of life when the signal for the start of the noisemaking is given by radio station WJEJ.

Foxes and groundhogs are seldom known to be neighbors, but Francis B. Bittner, Old Forge Road near Security, dug seven reynards and five groundhogs from the same den yesterday. It was the same den from which Jay Smith, a neighbor, dug seven foxes about a year ago.


Week of April 15, 1976

There aren't any massage parlors in Williamsport, and there never will be any if Councilwoman Patricia Cushwa's legislative crusade to outlaw the establishments is successful. "Massage parlors rub me the wrong way," she told Mayor Walter Sprinkle and Town Council members during a recent meeting.

William Roney, Hagerstown Trust vice-president, said his bank sold $2,000 worth of the new two dollar bills yesterday, the first day since 1966 that the bills have been in circulation.

A Hagerstown post office employee said people brought the bills into the post office to get Tuesday's date stamped on them.

The town of Hancock has applied for federal funds to build a water treatment plant. The present plant, constructed 52 years ago, was designed to handle the needs of 1,000 people. The current service population is 2,500.

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