Mail Call for 3/9

April 10, 2001

Mail Call for 3/9

"Concerning Native American History Month. I think it is high time that the truth be told about what this nation did to an entire race of people. Don't read the school books. It is because of them that the average American knows very little of the truth of our treatment of the Native Americans. This nation signed more than 250 treaties with many Indian tribes and broke every one of them. We should hang our heads in shame. We took from them, their lands, their homes, their food, their clothes, their means of living, yes even their language and culture. They can't be blamed for trying to protect their way of life by fighting the white man invaders. We should know more about these Americans and how we as a nation are indebted to them."

"In reference to the person or persons who desire answers concerning a Christian lifestyle. I highly recommend Pastor David Moore. You won't have to join his church in order for him to tell you what you know. You can call him at 1-717-593-1338."


"Hey, NASCAR fans, let's see some black ribbons hanging from your antennas for this year's NASCAR season. This is in honor of all the drivers who lost their lives on the track in the past year."

"Do not, publish anything anymore about that wrestling. Everyone knows that it is TV wasted time. It is fake."

- Boonsboro

"$20,000 to Community Rescue Service. That is not enough to run them for two weeks. What a pity, Mayor Bruchey."

"Can anyone tell me who the five city council candidates are that are against a taxpayer-funded stadium for Hagerstown? I want to be sure to vote for them in the general and primary election."

"My sincere condolences go out to all the Dale Earnhardt fans. I am a diehard Mark Martin fan. I cheered when Dale Earnhardt crashed, but I cried when he died. Anyone that doesn't get this, just doesn't get it."

"The American Heart Association would like to thank the people who gave to them in the block of 235-245 E. Potomac St. in Williamsport."

"I want to wish my son Chad Smith a happy 12th birthday. Love, Mom, Grandma and Pappy."

"I am calling concerning the shooting at these schools. The problems that created this entire mess is that the parents don't have their children programmed the proper way from babies up. Half of this is because of these people in the elections are not letting you hit or slap your children, they are always saying, 'get in the corner for 10 minutes'. Stuff like that. We need to go back to this old-time whipping. Then maybe we will not see these kinds of problems. This is very necessary. This is the problem."

"To the person tired of hearing about Character Counts!, shame on you. We need to teach our young, good strong values. Maybe Clinton should have been impeached, but that doesn't mean that we give up on teaching what is right to our children. We are not all hypocrites."

"I am sure that most of my fellow teachers would want to join me in wishing Dr. Bartlett the best as he tries to get a new job in Tennessee."

"I am tired of hearing all the crying about CRS needing money. When they built the new building, they couldn't move a desk or desk chair, they had to buy all new. They had to buy three new ambulances at one time. Yet they are a nonprofit organization. Three blocks to Washington County Hospital and a person receives a bill for over $300. Someone is making a profit somewhere. So if it isn't CRS, please let us know who it is."

"To the guy that bought my old Pontiac, you might want to come over and pick up the key that unlocks the wheels, so you can take the wheels off if you ever need to."

"Columbine, Santee, Calif.; Williamsport, Pa.; Largo, Md. No, we don't need any gun control. No, there is no gun problem in this country."

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