Mail Call for 3/15

April 10, 2001

Mail Call for 3/15

"You are right. No, we do not need gun control and no there is no gun problem in this country. The problem is a people problem. Think about that."

"Bring the wrestling page back. I know that you want to put a school page in, but you also need to put the wrestling page back, just make another page. I had someone tell me that they weren't going to buy the paper any more because it didn't have the wrestling page any more."

"Some Sunday paper, people. Are we going to wait until Monday to get our advertisements and stuff? I wonder what your advertisers think about that? I am not renewing this paper on April 6. You don't give us any coupons. I have to buy the Washington Post to find out what is going on outside of Hagerstown."

"Can't they take that so-called cartoon, 'Dilbert' and put it with the want ads or someplace else. It is an insult to the other cartoons that are truly talented."


"Does anyone out there have any information on gas furnaces for a boiler system?"

"I have a question about cooking. I want to be able to cook a hamburger in a short period of time, maybe partially cook it and hold it. In a restaurant, a hamburger seems to take forever. How do you partially cook it and hold it so that when you order it, you can just zap it and have it ready to be served? I don't want it to be sitting around all day. How would you suggest to cook it fast? Call 301-791-7417."

"Where's George at today? The economy is going right on down the drain. I heard he was waiting on Dick to write him a memo, so he would know what to say."

"I am a resident of Lakeside Mobile Home Park, off of Halfway Boulevard and Stotler Road. I think the county needs to look into putting a flashing light for motorists to slow down while they are doing this construction. You cannot see to get out of Lakeside. It is very dangerous in the mornings and afternoons, for the school buses. They made the road shorter and narrower. The tractor-trailers that turn in there, it is hard for them to turn when there is a car sitting at the stop sign. It is a death trap waiting to happen. There probably isn't going to be anything done until someone gets killed at that intersection. There have been numerous accidents already because you cannot see when you are pulling out."

"To County Commissioner Swartz: Your plan to consolidate three schools is a good financial plan that doesn't always raise our taxes at budget time. We should all pull together because this affects our senior citizens and the other taxpayers of Washington County. Thank you."

"Does anyone know if Maryland has the death penalty? If so, when was the last time, if any, did they use it? I would just like to know."

"I was wondering how someone can find out if someone is going to trial? For a big case that has been in the paper or on the news, would it be in the paper before hand? Let it in Mail Call so we can find out."

"This goes out to everyone sitting in the jail cells that are reading this paper. The ones that took someone's life and made themselves God by taking someone's life. You are sitting there alive to this day and your family can still see you and hear your voice. But these innocent people, their family cannot see them. The ones that have children, the children will never know what it is like to grow up with a mother or father and have a normal life. All because you made yourself the judge, the jury and God all at once. Just think about it."

"I would like to say that the articles that have been in the paper previously about the Potomac Center not closing have been very misleading. It is not going to close, but it is going to close to the mentally disabled patients. The state has already placed approximately 12 or more patients in group homes. The staff at Potomac Center are professionals; they know the patient's needs. They love and care for them as if they were a member of their own family. Some of these patients have lived at the Potomac Center for the past 21 years and their needs are not going to be met at these group homes. There will not be enough experienced or adequate staff capable of knowing their needs. Please help the families of these mentally disabled patients to help Potomac Center stay open for them."

"To the lady who has the free wood to give away. My number is 301-733-7368."

"Hello, Mr. Headlee. Sounds like all you have been getting is complaints. Well, here is a compliment. You are doing a fine job, no matter where you put the second crossword puzzle. Thanks from a Daily Mail reader. I like to read your column too."

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