Mail Call for 4/9

April 09, 2001

Mail Call for 4/9

"Just pick up the paper and read about getting more taxes and all the good news they can find, taxes, taxes and taxes. If one place finds that they can get taxes, there will be a million others that will get the same thing."

"Congratulations Bob Fleenor, you certainly made 'Jeopardy!' exciting for those five days. I will be rooting for you in the Tournament of Champions. Hope you win big bear. Congratulations again."

"To County Commissioner Paul Swartz: To consolidate three schools is a good financial plan that doesn't always ask for my taxes at budget time. We should all pull together, as this affects all Washington County taxpayers."

"After reading the paper about the proposed 10 and a half percent property tax increase. It is about time that they hire themselves an efficiency expert to get rid of a lot of this boondoggle that they are passing out to all these high-powered stores that are coming into town and they will subsidize them to the extent that they are going to ruin the tax base. Why can't they just be more efficient instead of subsidizing everyone in this town?"


"Can anyone tell me about a soda bottle that I heard of. It is called Sundrop Citrus and on the back is a picture of Dale Earnhardt 1979 Rookie of the Year. It is made by the Cadbury Beverage Company. If you do know, call Mail Call."


"Of course, nobody came to the water and sewer hearings. Did it ever do any good in the past? I wish The Herald-Mail wouldn't promigate this mess when they say that the county took over the Washington County Sanitary Commission. All it was, was a paperwork change. Why do you print that stuff? It was nothing more than a paperwork change, that doesn't amount to a hill of beans."

"In regard to the prostitute problem downtown. If some of these old fools wouldn't patronize them, they would have to go out of business."

"I think the names of sex offenders should be published so that people who are parents can know who they are living close to and what problems could arise from these people living in our community."

"I am sick of hearing about gay rights. Straight people have rights, too. The right not to live near someone who has AIDS, not to hear about their sexual encounters. Where are the straight peoples' rights? Take some of the money that is being spent on these AIDS patients and spend it on our old people who cannot afford medications."

"The county needs to start limiting this new construction or one badly-planned building lot can cause a havoc to one whole community. An excellent example of that is the YMCA, which is taking a rural area and making it a menagerie of noise and construction. People need to start attending these meetings, such as the one held in the Funkstown area for the new Wal-Mart store. We have given too much authority to planning and zoning. It has ruined a lot of areas."

"I am calling in regards to several people calling in about their energy assistance program. I applied in October and was approved and as of yet, I have not received any help whatsoever. Like the one person said, winter is over, what do we do now? Are they going to reimburse us or what? I appreciate any input on this."

"Just to remember Jack, my son on his birthday, April 5. He was 29 years old and he got killed April 17, 31 years ago. Jack, I will always love you and I think about you every day. Love, mom."

"A lost sterling earring with three black sets in it at CVS on Cannon Avenue. If found, call 301-733-8680."

"I have a purebred St. Bernard that I am willing to give away to a good home. Leave your number in Mail Call and I will get back with you."

"Can someone explain to me why you cannot walk your dogs in a city or county park. As long as you have them on a leash and you pick up after the dog, you should be allowed to do so."

"I live on South Mulberry Street and I just started getting the evening paper and I have the most courteous family of carriers that I have met in a long time. They know who they are and we should have more like them. I can't get to the door or get out of bed to get my paper, but they make sure that I always get my paper. They are a wonderful bunch of a family. The little boy, well all of them are very courteous."

"To the workers at Washington County Hospital, please park in the parking deck or your parking lot instead of parking and taking up all the residential parking spaces on South Mulberry Street. People do live on that street and they need to have a place to park."

"I want to encourage people not to be afraid to get involved when you know of abuse or neglect cases in children, elderly and animals. Please be their voices."

"Responding about the kids from Western Heights Middle School and them littering on the sidewalks and in people's yards. The parents should also teach their children to walk on sidewalks not in the street. Someone is going to get hit. They push each other into the street, they walk out in front of the vehicles. A lot of this takes place between Marshall Street and Indiana Street. They think it is funny to walk in front of the vehicles. The guards have their hands full."

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